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Test Boosters + Femara or Adex


so these test boosters have a certain number of ingredients that purportedly raise test through a certain number of ?pathways? by utilizing a certain number of ingredients such as / similar to the following:

n acetyl cystiene
acetyl l carnitine
quercetin dihydrate
7 keto dhea


seems to me that (and i realize im assuming) some or one of these ingredients raise test by its in vivo nature in the human body... while others do it somewhat indirectly. allow me also to assume that some of these ingredients also illicit other reactions in the body that not necessarily raise test, but beneficial nevertheless to the bodybuilder. freetest... for example, a prodcut by appnut claims to not only raise test, but increase receptor sensitivity, lower estrogen, lower cotrisol, promote positive brain function (this part i researched through one of its ingredients)....

my question is...
what if you took such a supplement, but supplement as well with very low doses of a potent pharmaceutical product like letro, adex, nolva and such.... do you feel that this inclusion would yield any kind of benefit to the bodybuilder? by low doses i mean something like 10 micrograms of letro or something like that. (im only approximating this dosage, im not very well versed on ai dosage... but what i want to express is... very, very low doses. I read an article that said a study reported 20 micrograms of letro to lower estrogen by 1/3... the article does not say... but they stated other stats that make me approximate a test raise by around 90%. this combination to me seems like it could have synergistic if dosed correctly. the addition of the potent ai could raise test even more than the test raising component of the sports supplement.... while the other ingredients illicit other positive effects for muscle building and quality.

why im asking...
ive ready in forums where people state taking letro or adex standalone does not really help put on mass. this kinda makes me scratch my head cause products like freetest, drive, blah blah blah... claim their product is good, and you should buy it cause it raises your test, lowers your estrogen, helps you build muscle. ive used these prodcuts, and i can say that yeah, actually they do work... theyre not astonishing as far as results go, but, they do work. they raise test, lower estrogen like they claim, and muscles grow. now this is what nolva, adex, letro and the like does; raise test and lower estrogen. if they do basically the same thing, shouldnt they produce the same result? forums say no. because of my admitted noobness... im inclined to agree blindly. there just must be something that im not seeing, and i sure would like to see and understand why.

ok fine, lets assume that all the forums are correct, that adex, letro and the like does not help build muscle.....im still inclined to ask my previous question. can combining certain doses of an ai or serm with something like test boosters and popular testboosting, muscle building sports supplements create a synergistic combination? and of course the dosing has to be experimented with and treated carefully, this is understood.

whachu think?


i guess this is a stupid question or pointless? is that why nobody's replying? is this entirely too noob?


Adding an AI to your system will cause a decrease in the aromatase enzyme, which should cause a decrease in estradiol (estrogen) production, which can in turn cause your HPTA to signal an increase in LH/LSH, which should cause you to produce more testosterone to compensate (i.e. produce more estrogen through aromatization). The danger with this is that you can drive your estrogen levels too low, which can have problems of its own (loss of libido being one). SERMS will not have this effect, and in fact can increase your total estrogens. SERMS are only useful if your body is not producing enough LH/LSH to begin with (as in if you are shut down from a cycle).

Some "test boosters" are actually mild forms of AIs that raise testosterone through this effect. The amount of testosterone boost from these methods is generally small compared to the boost from typical AAS dosages.


Nobody replied because you posted a question at midnight on a Friday night. lol


i guess thats true. i was bored and too tired to get out the house.
i saw the view count going up though... people just didnt wanna respond.


This forum has way more lurkers than posters. People arent thinking that much into it.

This is a pretty complex topic. And theres more to it than "AAS build muscle". AAS dont build muscle. They improve the anabolic environment so more muscle can be built in the presence of food and training. Anything that can create the anabolic environment will enhance muscle building capability.


I have had gyno surgery. Ironically, gyno is what actually got me into taking steroids, I was born with mild gyno and around my early twenties I stumbled on an article about steroids on the internet (on this site) and read about this stuff called 'clomid' and 'nolvadex' which apparently prevents gyno on cycle. This was back in the day when Adex was very new and rarely used due to cost.

Long story short after the doctor told me I had no chance of having the gyno removed I began experimenting with cycles like primo and winstrol and found that the gyno was minimized for the duration of the cycle- winner.

I bought myself a big supply of tamoxifen and would often take 20mg a day as it had a good effect at minimizing the gyno (adex doesn't do this and I've never tried letro) anyway, my point is that sometimes when I took a mixture of tamoxifen and clomid 20/50 I would feel a definite spike in testosterone (gauged by sex drive) and felt stronger when I was 'on' the SERM's than when I was 'off' only a tiny bit mind but it was there, and I'd used test prop back then as well as winny, primo and sust so I knew what the effects were.

I've also heard fats increase testosterone and that calcium, flaxseed and zinc naturally reduce estrogen, though I tried this and noticed nothing.
The only handy thing about having gyno was that you can titrate your AI dose by 'feel' LOL


do you still have the gyno or is it gone?

how does being 'on' feel?


I had the Gyno removed about 18 months ago. Being on the SERM minimizes the gyno's size and puffiness.

By 'on' I take it you mean on the SERM? it just feels like a low dose of test, there's something definitely there,I described it as a 'spike' for want of a better expression. The best boost came from, as I mentioned tamoxifen and clomid 20/50. When I say low dose just like a low HRT dose, say 100mg per week, or like pro hormones LOL