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Test Boosters at 20 Years Old?


I'm currently 20 years old and I was curious if I am too young to take some testosterone boosters like Alpha Male or something like that. I don't want to go full blown anabolic but would a simple test boosting pill be too much since I am only 20??


You should not need anything to boost your test at 20.

Actually I take that back. There are two things you can use to boost your test at 20.

Squats & Deadlifts


You'll be fine using such products at your age.

Beware that you'll get a lot of know-it-alls telling you that your T-level is high, but the truth is that unless they have tested you they done't have a clue.

Besides, one of the original reseach studies conducted on TRIBEX looked at its effects on college-aged males.


Not wanting to hi-jack your thread, what sought of positives / negatives would a 20 year old expect to find from supplementing test? i only ask because im 21 & looking at the same thing...


There's nothing wrong with you guys using T boosters to help with muscle mass. A great side effect is what it does for your libido.


what about as far as height goes, would it close the gowth plates like taking anabolic steroids?


well i basically am looking to give my growth a little bit of a boost because i'm at somewhat of a plateau and basically i want to experiment to see how it will help my body composition. The reason I'm asking if I should take it or not is because I don't know any of the negatives in regards to my situation(being only 20 y.o.)


It boost NATURAL production. Optimizing your levels of T. I would look for it to stunt growth or aid in making you taller in any huge manner. It is abnormally high levels and I do believe its the elevated estrogen not the T that closes growth plates Dont quote me.

Maybe Cy Willson or some other will chime in with a scientific answer,




You arent going to run into any side effects. Im 21, and Ive taken a shitload of various supplements. I lost a shit load of weight (120lbs) and then started experimenting with supplements to gain muscle and continue losing fat. T-boosters helped me.

Just remember that supplements are like pissing in the wind if your diet isnt dialed in, and you arent busting your ass in the gym..



of course, of course.... thats kinda why I'm asking is because i've got my diet under control and my workout regimen, and i've recently leveled out and thought something like this could give me a good boost, thanks man


I asked the same question once, and I believe Cy or Tim answered it along the lines of:

Its ok. At the age of 21 or whatever your T-levels are naturally high, all something like TRIBEX would do is max you out as far as T-production goes.

or something like that. I take TRIBEX with Carbolin 19, good stuff. I'm 22 by the way.


thanks man


Hey Link,
Chiming in late here, but anyway...

I'd say if you've hit a plateau, do this double hit for a month:
Increase good carb and protein intake daily. (or an extra scoop of Surge-esque drink after workout)
Change up your routine: Try something completely different for a month and see what happens.
(Waterbury has some great routines for shocking your bod into something new)

I've been lifting and have tried every conceivable supplement since about 1988.
And 9 times out of ten if i hit a plateau it was because i was overtraining (which in essence is undereating) or i'd be doing one routine for too long....and got bored, or my body got too used to the routine.

You've always got to shock your body and surprise it with new demands. That's where new growth comes.

And remember. The biggest test booster is food.

Test boosters are great and have their place, but i've never come across one (that is legal) that has had a bigger impact than proper food and training.