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Test. Boosters and Teens

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hockechamp14 wrote:
To the OP I think your best bet would be to find a good stimulant pre-game if you want to go that path. I know ephedra was popular in hockey, and to an extent still is, so maybe something like that, or one of the legal “cold” medicines you can buy online?

Great, now we have people recommending that 15 year olds use ephedra and cold medications to get “up” for a game.

And people wonder why the government is trying to remove products from the market.[/quote]

Damn, I forgot he was 15 after my first paragraph… I just kind of rambled on about ephedra didn’t I? Oh well, I screwed up.

i’d think advising cold medicine to anyone would be a bit iffy at best…

to OP: on top of food, go down the list, the order may not be perfect but the tiers are. oh, and protein’s in the right place for sure.

Good quality protein, whey and/or blended

Amino Acids

everything else

unfortunately it is true that natural or not, it can be harmful.

Lets just assume that harmful means sexual or male development as testosterone plays it’s main role in this category.

Testosterone in the body cycles much like a sinusoidal wave. If we increase the amount of natural testosterone the body produces, we see a peak in testosterone. As soon as this peak is reached, we see test production slow down, and serum levels begin to decrease.

However, this mechanism is based upon negative feedback, meaning that more testosterone aromatizes to more estrogen which gives a greater “halt” or “slow down” signal. ultimately this means that we see a sine wave with a greater amplitude when on tribulus. slightly higher peaks and slightly lower wells.

Whether or not the development of the child is hindered by having lower than “normal” peaks is controversial. Unfortunately, i would say that if Tribulus in some mechanism allows the production of test to be more efficient, then leydig cells that produce them would be more efficient.

Therefore to reach a setpoint in testosterone, the body would require less of these cells if it is in a potential growth stage.

I would say, that the area under a period is constant, if it was perfectly sinusoidal. This assumes ofcourse a lot of things, that probably are not true.

What do we define as normal? In a discussion like this i think of it as the inability to return to the bodies steady state after prolonged use.

I believe that short intermittent usage will allow the body to return to this steady state, but long term will not. I simply base this on how tribulus interacts with receptors. Ultimately prolonged binding to a receptor will result in down regulation.

Always take breaks from your supplements.

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I would like to take this opportunity to answer some of your questions:

you: What part of my post is the worst?

me: where do i begin?

you: we have shit in this world working against the T-levels of everyone, including teenage boys? That maybe, perhaps, with all this same shit, that the important T-levels of today’s youth may not be what it should, compared to a few generations ago?

me: right, improved nutrition, updated medical science, and improved living conditions (i.e. not halfing to walk up-hill both ways to school, with one shoe, only to have to walk back home with the one shoe, to give to your brother, so he could walk uphill to school with the shoe, just before he boiled it to get his daily recommended protein requirement…) have threatened todays youth’s testosterone levels.

me: wait, where were we?

you: you were telling me about stuff

me: oh yeah, sorry.

you: People come here for a unique perspective and advice that is a little more informed than the usual rigamaroo

me: Ok…I am not really sure what rigamaroo is, but I like the sound of it. It might be a nice compliment to some whole-wheat rigatoni. As far as the advice…it is being given. This place is a haven of sound advice. No particular offense to you or anything, but if you are 15 and using t-boosters - well, you are probably not on the right track.

You: I like tranny’s.

me: that may be the case, but anyway, I will qualify my statement by saying that unless you have exhausted, or at least fully embraced for a significant period of time, the eat-sleep-lift-eat-some-more-lifestyle…at 15, t-boosters won’t do much for you.[/quote]

Me: Laughs, chuckle

My son is 16 years old, takes protein, creatine, BCAA, and most recently Beta-7. The Beta-7 in my opinion has made the biggest differennce I have ever seen in any supplement. He has only been using it about 3 weeks and it is truly incredible. After football practice they do conditioning runs, and he says it feels like he could go on forever.

In the weightroom, previously he could benchpress 225# approx. 3-5 times for 5 sets usually needing help with the last couple reps. The other day I was spotting him, he loaded 225 and did 6 reps for 6 sets like it was nothing, the very last rep was as easy as the first rep. This with the additional health benefits reported with the Beta-7 would, in my opinion, make it the top priority as far as supplementation goes.

On a side note, I did make sure my son had his diet and training in order before paying for any supplements, his diet is better than any 16 year old I have ever known.

Where did I say it was necessary for a 15 year old? All I said was it is not necessarily harmful for a 15 year old. With proper dosage and breaks, it shouldn’t hurt him at all and could possibly help during hard workout phases. This doesn’t mean its necessary. It should be a given that proper diet, training and basic supplemnentation should be handled before anything advanced even gets discussed. The topic was is it safe, research thus far shows yes.

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daniel d wrote:
I know this may be a stupid question, but is HRX and TRIBEX considered a test booster? I mean, TRIBEX uses a natural herb… I’m very pro organic etc. but I’m also highly against anything like test boosters.

As for the OP, just eat a lot and train hard. Also, sleep a lot man…makes a huge difference.

TRIBEX is a test booster, HRX is a fat burner/body compostion modifier. Not too many organic supps around.

HRX contains Carbolin 19 in it though, and doesn’t TRIBEX contain tribulus plant? Which is a “natural” tester booster (according to wikipedia). Not trying to argue or debate, just trying to see if using any of Biotest’s products would be unsuitable for a 15 year old kid.

?? Sorry ya lost me. I said TRIBEX is Test booster. It sounds like you are agreeing with me not debating. HRX is not sold as a Test booster. Did I read you wrong, or are referring to the “natural” part. I also “organic” not natrual.