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Test Boosters and HGH Boosters Combined?

Hey yall, this is my first posts to the this community, so bear with me.

I am a 28 year old male, I weigh about 220 with somewhere around 20% body fat. I’d like to get my fat percentage into the mid to low teens (or lower) as well as increasing strength, endurance and hypertrophy.

In the past I have had good results with the supplements that I have taken. In the past I have done my due diligence to insure that none of what I am taking are operating on similar pathways, and thus overloading one system of my body (ie. kidneys, liver, etc.).

Currently I am not on any supplements, but I have been looking into testosterone boosters and HGH boosters. So long as there are no ingredients in common, I am curious about combining these supplements to maximize results- both in terms of fat loss and muscle gains.

I’m looking into herbal supplements not anything like injections or synthetics.

I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with combining supplements of this type, or if you have read anything to support or contraindicate this combination? (please site sources).

I am also considering including a stimulant free fat burner, and creatine (among others). But currently I am just interested in the question of the combination of the test and HGH boosters.