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Test Booster While On TRT

Might have wasted money.i bought a couple test boosters and I’m on trt.after thinking about it if I take outside test I don’t produce natural test anymore so why would a test booster raise my testosterone.it was a dumbass mistake I think correct me if I’m wrong if this wasn’t a waste money

You are correct, it was in fact a dumbass mistake. Don’t feel too bad, everyone makes more than a few of those over a lifetime.


Yeah thought so I’ll sell them to my buddy who’s on pct it might make some minimal difference to him while on pct

You always have good replies iron yuppie

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May not be as much of a waste as you think. Alot of test boosters contains zinc and magnesium , which will still benefit you on TRT. However you would be much better off buying ZMA on its own instead for higher dosage and cheeper as the test boosters will contain alot of pointless ingredients you dont need!

Maybe, some supplements contain anabolic steroids and/or other hormones. I recently saw a guy who spent $800 on a two month “stack” obtained at a prominent local store. He put 100lbs on his bench and 20lbs bodyweight. I suppose, if charging that much, they better get results if they want repeat business.

Check for “proprietary blend” trademarked on the label. That is the manufacturer’s secret formula.

I do know a couple of guys who tested positive for steroids when using supplements. Perhaps there is something in there, it won’t boost testosterone, but it’ll do something.

Perhaps the reason why it ends up suppressing T priduction.

They used to sell 1-test (DHB) at supplement stores. Marketed as 1-test as well.

Isn’t that an injection? I never used it, but thought it similar to Equipoise?

I think there is a methalated version. It is stronger than eq by a lot (like 3x). It has the name that would make you think eq, but I guess it is a metabolite of primo.

Wow, what was on the label? Expensive?

I never tried it, but it had 1-test on the container.

You’re getting confused because the names have all been interchanged and co-opted by supplement companies.

DHB- dihydroboldenone, aka 1-testosterone cypionate,

1-test- the supplement version of this is 1-androstene-3b-ol,17-one It is a DHEA that converts (twice) into 1-testosterone (DHB). It is nearly worthless in this form. 1-AD, the old prohormone from the 90’s (the stuff that Mark McGuire was on) was a one step conversion from 1-androstenediol to 1-testosterone. It was legit enough.

DHB is the actual steroid that those two things eventually downstream metabolize into.