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Test Booster + Calcium D-Glucarate + DHT Blocker

I want to naturally increase my Testosterone and was wondering if this would be a good combo.

MG’s Super Test booster:
Active Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid, Proprietary Blend (Ascorbic Acid, Maca Root Extract, Calcium Chelate, Zinc, Selenium).

Calcium D-Glucarate in 500 mg capsules (says to take 2 capsules, 3 times daily) so a total of 3000mg in a day.

DIM - 100mg taken twice daily

Saw Palmetto - not sure how much I should take of this or if I should take this or maybe something else.

Basically I’m wondering how all this stuff would work together.

Does the Test booster raise test, then CDG and DIM stop conversion of Test to Estrogen, Saw Palmetto stop conversion of Test to DHT and since I have the Anti Aromatase in there, stopping conversion of Test to DHT will not make the Test convert to estrogen or DHT and ultimately give the highest rise in TEST with this combo?

I am 29 years old by the way, have never taken any type of steroid, had pubertal gyno removed and my hair is already thinning and here is the last blood spot/saliva lab test I got. (I was going through some adrenal fatigue when I got the testing done but am much better now so that might have affected the test outcome.)

Hormone Test 04/28/2012 Units Range
Estradiol (saliva) 0.5 pg/ml 0.5-2.2
Progesterone (saliva) 25 pg/ml 12-100
Testosterone (saliva) 96 pg/ml 44-148 (Age Dependent)
DHEAS (saliva) 10 ng/ml 2-23 (Age Dependent)
Cortisol Morning (saliva) 7.9 ng/ml 3.7-9.5
Cortisol Noon (saliva) 1.5 ng/ml 1.2-3.0
Cortisol Evening (saliva) 0.7 ng/ml 0.6-1.9
Cortisol Night (saliva) 0.4 ng/ml 0.4-1.0
PSA (blood spot) < 0.5 ng/ml <0.5-4 (optimal 0.5-2)
Free T4 (blood spot) 1.2 ng/dL 0.7-2.5
Free T3 (blood spot) 2.6 pg/ml 2.5-6.5
TSH (blood spot) 1.3 uU/ml 0.5-3.0
TPO (blood spot) * 22 IU/ml 0-150 (70-150 borderline)

Any help or suggestions would definitely be appreciated.


[quote]jonmb11 wrote:
(I was going through some adrenal fatigue when I got the testing done but am much better now so that might have affected the test outcome.

That absolutely will affect your values. Best thing you can do is get retested. Otherwise no one can give you a current answer.

Okay thanks. But is my understanding correct in the way a Test booster, Anti-aromatase and DHT blocker would work together?

Test booster increases rise in test (which in turn could increase estrogen and DHT), DHT blocker stops conversion of Test to DHT (which might increase estrogen) but since I have the Anti-Aromatase as well that would block the conversion of Test to Estrogen or DHT and would increase Test the most with this combo?

Also I was looking at stinging nettle. That seems like it would be a good thing to add for a test boosting stack.

Basically I’d just like to know of some good combo’s to raise Testosterone, while not getting Gyno or loosing more hair.

Sorry for my ignorance. I’m not too familiar with these things.


In theory, yes that is how it should work but OTC products are notorious for having lackluster results. Don’t waste your money, IMO. But if you’re set on trying it, it couldnt hurt. Regardless you should be taking minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium which will indirectly balance hormones.

I wouldn’t take DAA. Patrick Arnold pushes this stuff but I read about neurotoxity (something bad to you brain from that crap). It suppose to raise your testosterone and it appears it does but I wouldn’t take a risk on this product. Research it on the web.

To increase you testosterone, talk Animal Stak 2 by Universal. It works very very mildly. I feel better on it. If that doesn’t work go see a doctor and get a shot. I never did shots but I won’t take the oral prohormones that are out now. All my research says go for a shot or don’t do anything since those prohormones that are legal can make you feel sick. I took prohormones over a decade ago and they were great. There is nothing like them and the ones now are unsafe.

Secret: Lift heavy, low reps 6 to 8, and focus on clean and presses. supplements for me: Animal Stak or T-Bomb 2, preworkout drink (has creatine) and meal replacement. I love my results, but I’m not picky.

DAA has definetly shown up in a lot of case studies to raise Test levels. Good choice