Test Booster at 19?

Before you flame me, let me explain.
EDIT: Forgot stats. 19 yo, height: 177cm, weigth: 173 pounds, bf: tape measurement gives me 15%, lost weigth: 80 pounds(I lost a fair amount of muscle early on because of stupid diet choices, because I was weaker when I started lifting than I was untrained 4 year-ish ago)

I’ve been on a weightloss journey since ca. june/july, and progressively lifting weigths since ca. september/october. Since I’m not really expecting muscle hypertrophy(had newb gains tho) because of the calorie deficit, I’ve been focusing on learning the correct form/technique for the lifts(big 3 and etc).

At first I didn’t really know what I was doing and dropped my cals way too much but later learned from my mistakes and started looking up nutrional info. I’m currently doing the AD, liking it so far.

Anyways I had a blood test done a month ago. Results(Subject - My value - Age group comparison - unit). First listing the hormones I tested then the values that came high/low(maybe important maybe not?)

S-TSH - 2.19 - 0.3-4.20 - mU/L
S-free T3 - 19.8 - 12-22 - pmol/L
S-free T4 - 4.2 - 3.5-6.7 - pmol/L
S-östradíol(estrogen 99% sure) - 71.5 - 28-156 - pmol/L
S-Testosterone - 10 - 9.9-27.8 - nmol/L
S-active testosterone’ö 4.5 - no comparison - nmol/L
S-Growthhormone(direct translation)- 5.5 - no comparison - mIU/L
S-SHBG - 37 - 14-48 - nmol/L

NB: 'ö= on the blood work request was listed free Test but the results gave active test(direct translation)?

S-Kalíum(Potassium) 3.4 - 3.5-5 - mmol/L
S-Protein - 79 - 62-78 - g/L
S-Albumin - 50 - 36-48 - g/L

Even though I wasn’t lower than the limit I was almost exactly on the lower border. Now I was wondering if a test booster was something for me or if should just keep on the AD and exercises(squats and … milk?) and stop my bitching. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this long post(if anyone acctually did read it ;o)

English is not my first language so the text might be riddled with mistakes, my apologies.

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This should help.

I’ve lifted with some younger guys (19-24) who used TRIBEX and Alpha Male with good results in terms of adding some size and strength.


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