Test Booster, Anabolic Question

I’m coming off a 21 day cycle of Ultimate Nutrition - Testostro 2 HP, and it went great. I have a 7 day off period coming up before I start the 2nd cycle. Strength went up, weight went up, felt great during workouts, no increase in libido. I took the recommended 3 pills a day, I’m 6’ weigh 220 and am 31 years old. I train with a 5x5 workout 4-5 days a week over my lunch break. My goal is to get bigger and stronger.

I’ve read that it’s all natural and I don’t need a PCT, is that right? Has anyone gone through a cycle of this?

I’ve been really wanting to try some anabolic supplements, could I stack the two together? I’ve been reading about them forever and can’t decide what to try, I’ve read good things about Methyl 1-D.

thanks in advance for any insight.