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Test/Bold/Tren/Mast Blast Critique?

They are personal questions, but they give Unreal a context so he can assess your usage and provide suggestions(he is a very knowledgeable guy).

Age gives us a context of where you are likely to be mentally. Are you prone to making rash decisions in general. An older person is less likely to because he should have learned from some of his mistakes. If you are young you might still be developing hormonally and sexually, you should at least understand the potential for trouble like loss of libido, fertility.

A significant other: does she want kids in the future? What if you damage your sexual health, or fertility? How is that going to effect the relationship? You should at least know how to minimise likelihood, of it happening to you.
Do you have kids? If you have had as many children as you want, then steroid usage is less of a problem with fertility. It might be an issue if you want to live long enough to enjoy seeing them grow up, and perhaps have kids of their own. Guys that use heavy are more prone to heart attacks, strokes and other forms of early death.

The amount of guys that get long term libido and impotence issues from 19 Nor drugs like deca, tren is pretty high(just do a search for deca dick). Most of it could have been avoided with the prior knowledge of the risks and how to minimise them, or choose to avoid the compound, and use something else instead.

These are questions that are asked not so we can shame you. They are questions that a responsible steroid user should also ask themselves, because in the end you may potentially have to deal with the problems further down the track(more mg of steroids increases your risk). The power is in your hands, and rather than leave things solely to chance, knowledge will give you more control over your results.
It will be you that has to live with any problems that you might create.

So they are personal questions but they’re not aimed at taking a dig at you personally.

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okay im 22 yrs of age have a 8 year son(yes i was 14) no concerns for fertility. living alone i have seen alot of life . no significant other, i will be sure to get bloods done after this.appreciate you clarifying things for me.


i will tone down dosages after this cycle i will be taking 4 months off the stuff . and wil see where im at. i usually take as much time off as ive spent on. but now i want to blazt

22 yrs of age is still young, it’s difficult to accurately ascertain exactly what you want out of life at this age. Granted environmental factors can prematurely accelerate rates of maturity.

The real question is, do you wish to live to the point wherein you see your kid graduate? At these dosages over prolonged periods of time, the development of malignant cardiac enlargement + premature CVD (coronary artery disease) is a serious concern, as is renal pathology (particularly FSGS), haematological alterations (polycythemia) etc.

Four months is nothing in the grand scheme of things, if longevity is the game the prospect of “cyclic” administration should be seldomly implemented. If you decide to use, genetics/lifestyle will dictate how much harm is induced. With the notion of “here for a good time, not a long time” I’d also hypothesise it’s plausible you dabble with recreational drugs (perhaps you do, perhaps you don’t). If you DO use rec drugs on AAS, stay away from stimulants.

I can go into mechanisms as to why if you want, high dose AAS + stimulants = profoundly increased odds of a detrimental outcome. There was a bodybuilder from the UK (big guy) who died in his 30’s (Sebastian Kakol). The cause of death… Cocaine toxicity. Zyzz (besides a congenital heart defect) died from cocaine toxicity.

You may think you’ve “seen a lot” that life has to offer, but at 22 you’re just skimming the surface. There’s a whole world out there to explore, don’t confine your life to a certain subset of parameters and fizzle out early due to regrettable decisions.

By all means, dabble with AAS if you wish… but know the risks and use responsibly, experimentation is a somewhat natural aspect of life. AAS are powerful drugs that need to be respected/taken seriously, use with caution.

Are you on TRT? There’s a reasonable chance you don’t recover after prolonged cyclic administration of AAS. Studies also indicate following prolonged use, the majority of prior users have lower testosterone concentrations/testicular volume comparative to controls (never-users)

unreal i can tell your an educated man. and i highly appreciate your advice . i have used rec drugs in past i.e cocaine and other stimulants i am now clean from all drugs and no desire to continue with that path. i want to run a few cycles in my 20s and leave it behind me in my 30s i just want to see what i can achieve thats the goal. and looking back here for a good time not a long time was a ridiculous response.any suggestions for dosages. currently on 25mg of quitepine daly prescribed by doctor will this have adverse affect ?

Are you bi-polar, schitzophrenic or do you suffer with major depression? Swapping hard drugs out for AAS can be swapping one vice for another, I’ve seen this before. Good to hear you don’t currently use though. I don’t know of any synergistic reactions between antipsychotic meds and AAS (though those meds can induce QT prorogation which could rarely induce arrhythmia). AAS, esp tren aren’t the friendliest drugs from a neurological standpoint. Something like tren might worse mania and/or depressive episodes whilst on AAS. We don’t have enough data, but for those predisposed to depression/mental health disorders tren/AAS should be used with even more caution than the avg adult male (who should be very cautious to begin with)

quitepine can also induce issues with glucose tolerance, as can AAS… so… watch out for that I guess…

If you’ve used a lot of coke/methamphetamine in the past (amphetamine is somewhat less toxic, still not good though) there’s the possibility you’ve already got some level of cardiac pathology (fibrosis, maladaptive enlargement etc), so watch out/keep a close eye on things.

Thanks unreal. Gentleman

not diagnosed with any of the above.

Then why are you on Seroquel (antipsychotic)? You don’t have to disclose this info, I’m just curious as to what else Seroquel would be used for. I’ve heard of it being prescribed off-label for anxiety, insomnia, OCD etc.

not diagnosed with any of the above . however me and my doctor suspect one of the above.also my source cant get cabergoline is there anything else you can think of to combat prolactin ? or can you email me a online source?(if not asking too much )

P5P for prolactin. It’s basically vitamin B but better. It works very well for most people. I would look into the interactions between atypical antipsychotics and caber. Caber is a nasty drug and avoiding it if possible is your best choice.

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That’s a very odd statement. @iron_yuppie is right. No caber for you would be way better.

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what can you do ha and thats sound iron yuppie into week 2 of this now and am seeing good results with diet and training excited for the tren.

end of week 3 now seeing great results following the a tried and true bodybuilding template found on articles , eating well thinking of trowing in tren at week 4 what yes think or would i be better off waiting 1 more meek