Test/Bold/Tren/Mast Blast Critique?

running this have all the kit give us a ho fellahs 3 or 4th cycle now finished fucking around.
week6-11 TREN ACETATE @ 250mg
Week 10-16 MASTERON @ 500 (PER WEEK)
A-dex eod @.5mg
HCG 10000IU
PCT CLOMID 50/50/25/25
Nolva 40/40/20/20

Any advice how to use cabergoline with tren

For the dosage of tren use 0,25mg caber twice a week, they all look good to me

Wicked Sound Brother

That’s a shit ton of steroids for a 3rd or 4th cycle.
How many of these steroids have you tried before?
Test and boldenone should be more than enough, unless you are an experienced competitive BB.

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everything but first time with mast and ,
i want that competitive bb look.
ive ran dbol deca also.
the way i see it something is bound to happen

Are you actually competing though? Or do you just want the look?

Just a friendly reminder that most of the guys you can likely name have superior genetics in addition to taking a ton of gear. I don’t really understand the layout of your cycle. Only the enth is aromatising by the way so that much adex is gonna tank your E2. Both bold and mast are also semi e2 inhibitors in their own way. I’m not sure why you would need caber on 250mg of Tren Ace a week. I guess my point is while I don’t have experience running this high / quantity of compounds it doesn’t make sense to me from an overall layout or with the ancillary support drugs.

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look, you dont need to be a competitive bodybuilder to take drugs, would you agree?

I don’t know, you might be in a different category than the average guy. If anything someone with superior genetics for muscle mass will grow with only small amounts of gear. Providing your gear is genuine you’d probably get just as much by taking half of what you want to take.

You don’t actually need to continually up the dosage on each subsequent cycle. Especially with only 4 cycles under your belt, you will accumulate just as much muscle with several more basic cycles, until you find you aren’t actually putting on any more muscle. If you then aren’t happy with the look you have, sure increase the volume and see how it goes.

This is certainly up to each individuals discretion. I’m just saying I’ve seen people that take an ass load of anabolics and don’t look like competitive bodybuilders. There’s a lot more to it is all I am getting at.

This will end in tears. And with a floppy dick. And probably a lot less in muscle gains than you’d otherwise get. But other than that it’s a great plan.

Genetics and hard work account for a lot. If steroids didn’t exist, it would likely be at least some of the same people on stage that are currently competing. Ronnie looked better natty than 99% of enhanced gym rats.

It is why there it is a good idea to use moderate at most doses if you are not one of those guys with elite genetics.


okay ill listen to that i never said more gear equals more gains. im doing this cycle for fun more than anything here for a good time not a long time.


sounds good brother look. if i fck up trt is always there.

You remind me of a friend I had at high school, he had the same motto. As far as I know he’s still doing well 30 years later(steroids weren’t his poison though:).

Just be sensible, cut back on mg’s if you start getting unwanted sides.

cialis on hand 60 mg ha

I’ve heard this quite a bit, and within certain circumstances I’d argue it’s a valid maxim to abide by. But barring the presence of terminal medical pathology/a condition of which is certainly going to induce a rapid deterioration within you’re quality of life, “here for a good time not a long time” is generally shortsighted.

How old are you? Do you have a significant other? Kids? What about the future…

Granted it’s your body, your rules

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personal question irrelevant.