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Test Blend Question..

I’m relatively new to using gear but I have done a lot of research to aid in my journey. Im going to keep it as real as possible in order to get some answers and opinions. After 8 years of training natural 5-6 days a week including cardio and learning how I react to different supplements and meal plans, I decided to start using test. I want to compete, plain and simple. Ive picked my first show, and written out a plan of action to get me to where I need to be. Ive owned llewelyn’s roid handbooks since 2007 and have researched many different compounds and stacks. I have a good knowledge base, however I know that I have a lot to learn.

Ok here is the deal… I have been working out for years and have met numerous people that juice, and each one of them uses different stuff. I have a wide variety of gear from underground labs at my disposal. - I do not have a better source at this time to get legit, pharmaceutical grade juice. So this is my only option, like many of us…
I trust the products I can get because Ive trained naturally along side of the guys using them for years, and seen improvements theyve made.

My first cycle I decided to go with 30mg of D-bol a day, for the first 6 weeks, stacked with 700mg of “sus 350” test blend. (2cc a week= 1cc or 350mg E3D) I have had great results from my first cycle HOWEVER, I can not get ahold of another bottle of the same Sus350 Ive been using. dun dun duuuun… “You are changing mid cycle?” - my buddies ask me?
YES, This was not my original plan but after 4 weeks of waiting for my “buddy’s” next order to come thru Ive had to find another option.

Week 6, Last week of d-bol, Im strong as ever, but water retention has me bloated, as expected.
I have obtained a test blend from a different friend, which means different manufacturer- go figure.

Triple blend- 1cc contains 300mg of Cyp,Pro,E blend (100mg each) This is similar to the SUS350 blend I was using prior. I want to keep my E3D pin schedule, but will up the dosage to obtain the 700mg of test blend that I have been utilizing the past 5 weeks.

Should I continue My Wednesday/Saturday schedule to pin or go with E0D (M-W-F) to utilize the prop ester? I will be utilizing the test blend for the next 4-5 weeks to keep me hard and strong as I diet to cut down for the show.

Question 2: Should I look to get ahold of some EQ to stack with the test blend for the next 4-5 weeks?

I plan on using winni tabs, and tren ace 4 weeks out to help lean out and get hard in time for the show. - I do NOT need advice on this or I would post my entire dosage plan with that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I read on T-Nation weekly and love the feedback that knowledge hungry “newbs” receive. Post any questions you may have for me regarding my body stats, nutrition, or training schedule. I do not think these will be needed but for general knowledge I am 25 years old, 5’10" 195lbs at 13%bf

4-5 weeks is not long enough to run EQ, and pinning mon weds fri would be better for blood levels of test and could keep water retention and sides down.