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Test Blend, Cycle Planned, w/ Bloodwork. Need Advice. Have Questions


Hey guys, Long time viewer, first time poster. Little background.
33 years old
Guessing around 12% body fat.
Lifting 8 years.

I've been researching for about 2 months going through every thread and source I could get my hands on and I feel I'm very prepared. I saw a doctor in April for libido issues but turned out it was just anxiety and in my head, but I got some good blood testing out of it at least. I was very thorough in my lab testing and the plan for my cycle, I have quite a bit of labs. These labs were back in April.

Before I started a cycle I went in for a yearly check up with my regular doctor. I used Quest for this blood work as well as the last. This was a few weeks ago.

I used private MD labs to get pre cycle testing for my Test/estradiol levels and it went through labcorp. 1 week before beginning my cycle.

The only friend I trust has been cycling for years and he gave me Bio-TS400 to use for my first cycle. I've found a lot of info on this in other forums but not much on blends here at T nation.

Test Deca 200mg
Test isocaparate 30mg
Test phenylproprionte 40mg
Test propionate 30mg
Test cyp 50mg
Test enanthate 50mg

My cycle

Weeks 1-10 TS400, 500mg/week, divided into 250mg 2X a week.

Weeks 2-18 Aromasin 12.5mg ED


Weeks 13-18 Nolvadex 20mg a day

From what I read from @KSman I plan to run Aromasin through PCT for half my cycle (5 weeks) as I read it works well with Nolvadex. Longer dose and more mild. I'm also taking plenty of fish oil and I am Loading up on ZMA for PCT as I heard it helps.

A couple questions
1.) will 2x a week work with a test blend like this, or is every 3 days better? I know they're very close but I want to do this right and be exact. I'm lifting 5x a week and have a good diet in plan so I'm not worried about training and diet. Definitely upping my calories huge.

2.) Also I read in one of the stickies that Proviron helps with libido during the second half of a cycle. I don't want my libido to suffer, will this help me? Will I even need help? I don't have an amazing libido so I'm hoping the test will contribute but if the Proviron helps I'm all for it.

3.) Do I need anything for liver support? Milk Thistle?

4.) Lastly, is there much a difference from 500-600mg? If your suggesting e3d because of the different esters of test, I was thinking about just doing 600mg total by 200mg each time.

Let me know if I missed anything. I'm pretty solid in my plan, but Am open to suggestion. You guys are far More experienced. I'm
Going to post all my bloods in this thread and keep a log. This is my first cycle and I want to get the most from it as well as help anyone else that is going through all the research that I did.

I have bloods planned for 4 weeks in, as well as 1 month after PCT. I'll take any suggestions as well.

Thanks for your time guys.


You should not need proviron to support libido. If you have libido issues, probably from E2 getting too high.

Mixing T eth and cyp is silly, hardly any difference.
If you inject twice a week, T cyp or eth will work well with that and probably no need for a kitchen sink cocktail. More junk is not really any better. When your body strips off the ester groups, testosterone is testosterone.

A1C says that you have an insulin sensitivity problem.
Antibodies elevated twice and CRP shows signs of inflammation.

TSH=2.47 may be indicating a problem with iodine deficiency caused by not using iodized salt. That would be the good answer, the bad answer could be something else.
Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Less energy than normal or mood/depression issues?

E2=33pg/ml was certainly not optimal. 0.5mg/week anastrozole would have helped. E2=33 is enough to dampen libido for some guys.

These are not very high and TT=521 is not either. E=20.9 was not the cause, possible thyroid connection.

Was your lab coded for a female?


Yes, I forgot to mention that. It was coded for female. The very first test I took for libido issues by quest I was just coming off of being sick. I do have slightly lower body temps. I've been following your posts and threads since April when I first tried to diagnose myself. By afternoon they're back to almost normal, but I believe in the mornings they're around 97.9. I do have a little thinning on the outside. I have a beard but it has a few holes in it. Not as thick. I have tons of energy, sometimes too much, I don't sweat too much or too little and my girlfriend swears I don't have an under active thyroid. She says I'd be fat. I do have some around the mids but I consider myself in great shape. I started the TS-400 since my friend had great results with it and I know how hard he trains. Maybe not the best first cycle and I think next time I will do just test. I'm only looking for a few cycles tops. I'm getting a second bottle because I want to do 500mg. I want to keep it simple and not try to switch it up now since I took my second pin this morning. Is twice a week ok with this or do I really need to pin E3D?

Forgot to mention. I eat a ton of salt. Everything is blackened, I put salt and pepper on everything so it's hard to believe I don't get enough iodine. Thanks for the fleet @KSman


But it has to be salt that comes from a container that states iodized.

Body temps and energy are good. But TSH may simply be high because of a lack of iodine and that is making the thyroid stay on target.


Nah, for the most part the cycle is set up very well. In your cycle the predominant ester is extremely long acting. Without doing the math to determine exact half lives present at the end of 10 weeks it may be that you don't need to start PCT until week 15 or so. 400 mg a week of an ester with a half life of several weeks means you may not come off elevated levels of Test for 5-6 weeks.

It may also be wise to front load the first injection depending on quantity available to you for the cycle. Front load allows you to reach steady state concentrations much quicker than regular dosing.

Proviron is not necessary but wouldn't hurt. Liver support is not necessary but never really hurts anything. And no, I do not think you'd see a ton of improvement but it is a safe alteration if you'd prefer to do that. Watch your Aromasin dose if you take the higher amount as you may need to adjust it.


Thanks for your replys. Aragon, if I knew about front loading maybe I would have done it. I'm just starting my third week, would it make a difference to do one or two large doses? I'm going to pin e3d with this blend. My buddy is getting me some straight E to do the second half of cycle with so I won't have to worry about the long ester. How would you recommend me transitioning? Start mixing the two every week or just switch over? I'm looking to keep between 500-600mg
A week, it's my first cycle but I want to gain the most from it. I'm using livestrongs calorie counter and it's awesome. Keeping me around 3500 calories a day. When I switch to the Test E I will go back to 2x a week, but I want to finish this bottle up of the blend I have now.


Testosterone Enanthate is a long ester and would require a couple weeks to reach natural levels after ceasing supplementation. Propionate would be preferable to end the cycle with, requiring only a few days of waiting to begin pct. Even phenypropionate would be faster acting than enanthate if you can’t stand the more frequent dosing required for propionate.