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Test as Shortcut to Go from 65kg to 70kg?

Hey guys,
I’m a competitive athlete.
I have long time until my next comp and probably wont get drug tested soon.

Im going up a weight class and was thinking about basic test cycle for a shortcut.
Im 65kg and need to go 70kg (163cm).

I have a lot more to read about it and about pct but for now I have two questions.

  1. can I really use it as a shortcut?
    I mean, after going off cycle and lose some muscle.
    Would I be able to keep those 5 kgs I need?

2)For a small guy like me, should I use less than 500mg? Thought about 300/400 for a milder cycle.

Thank you so much guys!

You shouldn’t cheat. I think you know that. The fact that you’re calling it a shortcut tells me that you know it’s probably a bad idea. There are no shortcuts in life without some trade offs. I’m guessing college wrestling?

Olympic weightlifting

Since you mentioned you still have a long time to go, why not just try to eat your way up there? You could also do protein shakes

If you’re in a tested sport then you should probably not do it. Yeah, other guys will cheat and get away with it, but that’s their problem and not yours. For what shall profit a man if he gains the world and lose his own soul?


Depends. If I knew I was going to be the best in the world at the expense of cheating (something which I’d know all other competitors at said level was very likely doing) but I had to take anabolics I’d probably do it without hesitation. Everyone has a different moral compass.

Would I feel bad about it? Of course, and I’d like to think I wouldn’t cheat, however when I realistically think of such a scenario (being the best in the word, fame, fortune and all) it’s hard to realistically think I wouldn’t cheat if I knew it would allow me to reach said goal.

That being said at 163cm gaining 5kg can probs be done in a few months, you don’t need test for that, and the potential drawbacks from fucking with you’re endocrine system can be fairly significant.

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You sound like Lady Macbeth and Emelia from Othello, “But for the whole world? Why, who would not make her husband a cuckold to make him a monarch? I should venture purgatory for ’t.”

Trust your heart.


Unpopular opinion: the majority of Olympic athletes (at least the good ones) use PEDs. There is a good documentary on Netflix about it.

Ya you shouldn’t cheat. Cheatings bad. But if you want to be a realist you probably wont ever beat the person winning gold on PEDs as a natural

Yeah, you’re right. The problem is that this is how we end up with adults who bring their dogs on airplanes.

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Lady Macbeth had intent to harm though (had the intent to murder king Duncan), if anything we’d compare me more to Macbeth, who was fuelled with the motive of extreme ambition without the intent to harm… initially… although he later on ends up killing a ton of people. His original acts that drove him to murder were ambition, manipulation from his wife (questioning his masculinity) “When you durst do it… then you were the man” and phrophecy/ what was perceived to be the his destiny (the witches were all like “hail Macbeth, yeet… floopeth”. ) That’s the EXACT quote.

Macbeth was very apprehensive about the act, ambition and his shitty wife pushed him over the edge (Just like unreal242478, would feel bad about cheating but probably would due to ambition). Althooouuugh, later his wife becomes guilty and presumably commits suicide, Macbeth turns into a ruthless sociopath and the roles are kinda reversed.

Its off topic, but I’m not Lady Macbeth haha

also I dislike Shakespeare.

Also I’m not a professional athlete or an athlete. I just like working out a lot

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Well, while Lady Macbeth did egg him on ultimately it was his own decision, his tragic flaw, hence the title, The Tragedy of Macbeth.

She definitely goaded him into it, and was more masculine, “Unsex me now.” but ultimately it was his decision, and he paid for it with his life - even if he was unborn.

Macbeth murdered Duncan, Lay Macbeth just put him up to it. You can’t blame that shit on her.

Yep, keeps washing her hands, can’t get the blood off.

I don’t think Macbeth was fueled by ambition, he was going to be king anyway. Lady Macbeth (Eve) just wanted it to happen sooner, and he wasn’t sure, but the witches told him he would be king. He didn’t have to kill Duncan.

You know it was a cautionary tale meant to curry favor with King James, right?

I found this interesting, as times weren’t nearly as progressive back then as they are now. Yet gender roles in this book were relatively reversed toward the start, fairly progressive for it’s time, looking into/questioning traditional gender roles so long ago

I don’t blame it on her, I do believe, however that had she not egged him on/ fueled the fire, it’s very possible Macbeth wouldn’t have murdered king Duncan. That being said, what both individuals did is unforgivable. The end is fitting, as karma catches up (Macduff is all like "my mom had a C-section), once again… exact quote. I like stories/movies with depressing endings

Bojack Horseman is my favourite TV show of all time.

I think we’re only supposed to refer to it as “that Scottish play”.

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I watch this with my twelve year old son - probably inappropriate, but love it.

Great take. Not to be a dick, but it’s a play, not a book. Shakespeare twisted gender roles all the time - it was kind of his trademark. and, considering dudes were playing the roles of women playing the role of men, funny shit.

Most, if not all, of his sonnets were written to a dude - Shall I compare thee to a Summers day for example, was about a dude, and Shakespeare encouraged him to have kids.

It was imminently more acceptable to have a relationship with a dude outside of marriage than it was to have a relationship with a chick, and Shakespeare lived in London while his wife lived one hundred miles away.

So the wedding scene in Othello, Act III scene ii, and Iago’s jealousy, rings more true.

And, Lady Macbeth’s ambition makes more sense.

That fucker could write!

I haven’t read Othello, just Romeo and Juliet + Macbeth + one more that I forgot the name of.

A bit, but who cares, if he’s watching with an adult he can ask questions and it shouldn’t impact him negatively in any way.

Finish season 5 (season 5 was probably my second favourite season, season 2 was my fav).

This is the most sophisticated steroid thread I’ve read.

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Yeah, my son is wicked smart, thought my daughter was so so, and she asked me to help her on a Macbeth essay. She shared it with me via Google docs, and holy fucking shit, she is way smarter than I. Not sure how that happened.

So both my kids are way smarter than I am, totally out of my depth talking to them, not sure what to make of that.

Back to the OP, my daughter is 15. 5’7’ and 193 pounds. She won her district for shot put, she’s natty. You should probably just eat rather than juice.

The most anabolic compound in the world is food.

be happy about it, means (so long as no massive obstacles hit them along the way) that they may achieve great things. Both of my parents are very intelligent, so is my brother (twin, fraternal) I believe there’s something genetic about it.

Whether I achieve something great is a crapshoot, I need to abstain from vices, hurdle over various health issues and deal with the constant, daily pain of social rejection from others, takes it’s toll after a while, kids can be horrible haha. As long as I stay sane I should do okay, surprisingly I’m feeling pretty good atm, content with my bodybuilding, free of anxiety and stress. That being said I’m not exactly happy with what’s going on, today’s actually been a super tough day (still feel good tho, optimistic yeet), I just can’t wait to get to gym.

There is, totally. My brother that passed in 2001 was my twin in a lot of ways, he was eighteen months older.

Me too.

Yeah, I feel you, we should talk, I’ve kind of figured this shit out.

This - for me it’s yoga,

I should state I don’t have, nor have I ever had a problem with substance abuse, the reasoning for my abstinence from vices has to do with the fact that I believe it’s a slippery slope. If I come home one day and think “what a shit day” and drink myself into a relaxed happy state. If I do it once, what’s to stop me from doing it again. Same applies to marijuana, I have unfathomably easy access to marijuana, yet I choose not to take it because both things cause me to acutely not care about my problems, until the effects wear off and then the things in life that irritate me come right back.

I’m sorry to hear about you’re brother, that’s real shit, if you want to talk my email is in my bio.

I’m not against the occasional drink/joint, however if I partake in these kinds of activities (on occasion) it has to be to have a little bit of fun, not to drown my sorrows. I’ve been quite content recently though, very chirpy, I’m not particularly worried about me going down the wrong path.