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Test and Winny


hey T-Nation, i got my hands on some test and winny tabs, this will be my second cycle. first cycle was just test cyp alone and now i wanna stack for the summer. my first cycle was 250mg of test twice a week for 12 weeks . i put on about 20 pounds and keep 15 after the cycle. i am 6 foot 4 and 255 pounds and around 12% bf , my question is if i should do more than 250mg twice a week this time and when should i start taking the winny tabs. i have done my research but have heard alot of different ways to stack it . any help please . i have two 10ml of test and 100 winny tabs . thanks so much


try a frontload. run 500mgs test 2 xs per week for the first week followed by your normal dose for the rest. I have never used winstrol but all i can say is most ppl dont use it for longer than 8 weeks. Some even say no more than 6


Ok thanks so much for the help, I will front load and then go to my normal dosage. I will start the winny around week 5 , thanks again


no problemo bud ull enjoy the frontload the test ill hit u alot faster =)