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Test and Winny Cycle. No Testicular Atrophy


Hi this is my 3rd cycle. My first cycle was
D-Bol 1-5
Test E 1-11
2nd cycle was
Test P 1-12
Tren 1-8
Masterone 5-12

I'm currently in the middle of my 3rd cycle which is a lot lighter than the other ones I've done because they accidentally sent me winny instead of d-Bol.
I'm 190lbs
31 years old
Lifting for 9 years.
My cycle is
Test E 1300mg/w 1-14
Winny 50mg daily 8-14.

I also have liquidex for cycle and nolva and clomid for pct.
I'm on week 7 with 11 extra lbs than when I started and feel like I notice a difference in strength and size but with that much testosterone shouldn't my nuts be a lot smaller by now? They haven't changed at all. They did on my other cycles.

I've done my research but I'm reading to many different things. You guys have helped me with past cycles and thought I would come back to you guys for this one. I probably have a few other questions but this is my concern now. The test came from a well known great but expensive lab.


Thought I would toss in a pic


what is this selfie suppose to tell us?


Haha idk just said I could add one so I did. I'm not sure of my body percent and that pic doesnt show much. Maybe 14 present. Just guessing. Any ideas on the question? Thanks. Its nice to have people to go to?


Most def nor 14% just saying can tell that just by looking at the arms. With that being no offense you need to learn how to eat and train man. I'm nit trying to puss you off I'm being honest obviously hard to tell from that pic but to have ran 2 other cycles in the past you look like a regular guy? Just saying.

  1. Testicle atrophy is not related to the dose. If your nuts are going to shrink and shut down then they would have done so with 250mg. No difference in that than 2000mg. Also people just report they don't notice much size change at all I don't see how but that is what they claim.

  2. How tall are you? To be 190 pounds after you gained 11 pounds, after 3 previous cycles, after 9 years of lifting and after running a gram in half of gear for this cycle unless your 5'4" then you need to have talk with your self and or your supplier because one of you is slacking.


Your right probably more fat. I'm 5'8. Always had hard time with gains I train hard and often in the gym. My first one with d-Bol and 500mg test I went up 20 lbs but lost 70% after proper pct. the next one with Tren I went through ugl and think everything was underdosed with little gains during cycle and after pct. this time I went to where I know is good just expensive.


if you're losing 70% after PCT, then all you're gaining is water retention.

i'd echo Reed's comments about taking an honest look at your training and diet.


That's the hardest thing for me is a proper muscle building diet but I'm dedicated enough that I'm going to do that. Thanks for the help. So Reed what you are saying is that since my gonads haven't shrunk at all that could still be completely normal and a lot of people have claimed that test alone hasn't caused any testIcular atrophy? Yea that's wieird. Out of a high test cycle like this and if i keep my diet into check since there really isn't any other anabolics how much do you think I could gain? Thanks man


Correct some people claim they don't lose alot of size if any when running cycles. I don't know how mine went from nothing special to where the hell they go lol also feel like they raised like went back toward my stomach but whatever lol. As for a how much IF you get your nutrition dialed in. A massive increase on 1300 mg of Test is possible. That is about 2.3x times more than your basic cycle. A gram is plenty of gear IF your nutrition is dialed. Get plenty of Pro, Carbs, and fat. To put into perspective im 225 at 5'6" and usually run about the same dose you are so I know you can make more progress.