Test and Tren Cycle, Need Advice Fast

Hey guys, I Just started a Test and Tren Cycle. It is my first time ever taking anything other then over the counter supplements. I just started this week and thought I had a pretty good plan until I started second guessing myself and researching more and more…

Right now I am taking
0.5 mL twice a week of test cyp at 250 mg/mL
0.5 mL twice a week of tren at 100 mg/mL
I plan on doing this for 10 weeks because I have 10 mL of each, and at 1 mL of each a week it works out perfectly

I really need some advice about Arimidex, do you think I need to take it or something like it with this cycle being such a low dose?

Also, Am I going to need a PCT at the End of the 10 weeks? and if so what should it consist of?

Thank you so much for reading this and I would Really appreciate some Feedback!!

Running tren for your first cycle is a bad idea, as is starting a cycle without PCT on hand. Also, you’re probably not going to get 10 weeks out of a single vile of each, so plan on doing an 8 week cycle. Im not even sure that you’re going to get much out of the cycle with doses that low. That is all I’m going to say, as I honestly cannot tell whether this is a real question or a troll. GL

Youre making a mistake. You apparently have done no research. I would suggest you pct immediately and research before you potentially do harm to yourself that you cant reverse