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Test and Sex Drive!


I just started a 200mg a week of Test E 2 weeks ago.
My sex drive is clearly down for sure.
I think for most people, the drive shoots up under Test. Why is mine down?
How can that be explained?
How many people share the same effect?


Firstly, why only 200mg/week. TRT maybe? Fuck, even at 250mg every week it almost the wood is almost unbearable. Sounds like a enigma to me...up the dosage.


no TRT, just first time user, so I want to test the waters and see what i'll get out of it...
So anybody with down sex drive on T ?


I can never get my head around the idea of the "testing the waters" mentality. It just doesn't make sense. If you did any research you'd have found out that 500mg/wk is no more 'dangerous' than 200mg. 500mg will give dramatically better results.

Where did the idea that low dose steroid use is right for beginners come from. What is the point of wasting your time with 200mg/wk? Unless you are 40 years old with diminishing hormone levels I don't see the point.

How sure are you that your product is not underdosed? If you think you are injecting 200mg/wk but are using an underdosed product you may have some problems. It is possible that you started out with naturally high levels but have now shut down that production only to replace it with lower levels..

It would be nice if you provided some stats as well instead of just coming in with a random question, expecting us to read your mind.


well I am 38.. so close to it..
Well low dose makes sense to see how your body reacts to it. If after 10 weeks, nothing happened, then i'll know to at least try 400mg next time. Now if I get gyno and other problems, then I'll know 200mg Test is really something I don't react well to...

As far as dosage/concentration of the stuff I am using, I guess it's not really possible to find out!

But my question was: Does it happen AT ALL that people don't have increase sex drive with Test E injections?


the enathanate takes time to release test into the bloodstream so u wont notice effects instantly anyway

it should peak around week 3/4-10 in my experience although 200mg a week is a shit low dose


so the sex drive will start on week 3-4 is what you're saying.
There is nobody then apparently who doesn't feel a boost in sex drive while on T.


You failed to mention if you are using Adex or another AI in conjunction with the test e. How long have you been on this 200mg/w? How often are you injecting? Did you feel an initial boost of libido followed by a crash or was there no change or did it simply get even worse than off cycle from the beginning?

If you answer is that you felt an initial increase and then a crash; my theory is that your estrogen level raised as a result of your higher serum testosterone level and negated the increase.

Are you retaining water, a little bloated, are your nipples sensitive? If yes, then you need to go on Adex around 0.25/d for about 1 week and then use about 0.2 EOD to keep E2 in check.


Your body will not react differently enough to 500mg than to 200mg for it make using the low dose worth it. AI's make gyno a concern of the past. So you are willing to use 200mg of test for 10 weeks as an experiment but aren't willing to use a higher dose that would virtually guarentee better results? You are wasting gear.

And about your sex drive questions. 500mg/wk gives me a good boost. Above 750mg/wk the boost is less noticeable. Point being that results are specific to the individual even at different doses.


Important questions Dynamo:

-I am using Anastrozole at about 0.35mg EOD weighed on a precision scale (1mg/ml concentration)
- I have been on test E for almost 3 weeks. I inject once a week and will do my third inject this thursday.
- I didn't feel an initial boost. Just slow drop in erection capability...
- not really retaining water. I always have kinda full face since I am not lean, but no particular puffiness.

your comments appreciated. Thanks !


I think it is very possible that you are using fake gear and the anastrozole is lowering your estrogen too much, causing negative effects on libido.

Test E should be injected at least twice per week, fyi.


Test E half life is 7days, so your level will still increase on once a week inject..


Cuz you've been doing this for so long and know how it should be injected for STEADY BLOOD LEVELS. you're injecting schedule makes a nice hormone induced roller coaster. sounds like fun!!


So this is your first cycle and it's not going so great up to this point and you think you can tell me how often an enanthate estered drug should be administered? Nice try.

Have fun trying to get your dick up, I'm done here.


hey guys, you always get pissed when people are not pros and asking questions.
I've never red, to my knowledge that Test E should be injected twice a week !!


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They are right. Test e should be injected E3D or twice a week at least to keep serum levels steady. Once a week is less than optimal and will create more fluctuation as well as prolonging the time required to get your blood level up to the desired cycle level.

Your dose of Adex does sound a little high, however each person responds differently. If the dose is really too high, then in addition to lack of libido, you should have achy joints - possibly knees, mental fogginess, and feel like general crap. If you are feeling those symptoms stop the Adex fpr about a week for serum level to fall and then resume at about 0.2ml EOD. You can even continue an even smaller dose of 0.5mg/w in split doses throughout PCT and after PCT to keep estrogen in check.

I don't know about your weighing system. How does one weigh liquid? I use the dropper although it is not extremely accurate for very small doses. You can use a 1 ml barrel as an oral syringe and improve on accuracy. Remove the needle. You should be able to re-use the same barrel for many doses - just push some water through to clean.


ok point well taken.
so lets say I add 200mg/ week of EQ to my 200mg per week of Test E. Would that make more sense?
I am only 2 injections in, so it shouln't be too late.
bushidobadboy I am really interested in your take on that..(since I have some EQ available)


no. add 300mg more test per week and that would make more sense.


so game over you're saying 500mg total. but you're saying per week now. Is that cool in one inject then, or split it 250 twice a week?