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Test and PSA?

ARe you guys taking test enhancers watching your PSA scores? This is the “Over 35 lifter” forum after all. I got my blood work back and my T levels are in the middle 300’s. When I put the arm onto the doc for some help, he pointed out that my PSA is 4.6 on a 4.5 scale. He said we should hold off on any HRT and put me on 200 mg of selenium to see if the PSA gets pulled down. It has been a couple of months from the draw to seeing him on this and taking nothing at the time. Although mu diet was really high fat and that could skew the PSA. Just a thought.

Estrogen is not good for the prostate. So reducing that is in general a good idea. There are supplements that you can take, other than selenium, that help in general as well.

You really need a DRE (digital rectal exam) before starting TRT. Some docs may do an ultrasound exam.

If the PSA is high because of cancer, you should not be on TRT.

Test or TRT does not cause cancer. Elevated estrogen or E:T ratios are thought to be a cause of cancer. One a caner exists, it may be responsive to test.

The following are good reading material for these issues.

prostate cancer info:

male HRT:

products and search results:

I just got my results back also. I’ll be 58 in February. My Testosterone was 406 and my PSA was <.1
It appears that heavy lifting and a clean diet sure makes a difference. All of ya’ll that are over 35 need to get your blood work checked and as previously pointed out, a Digital Rectal Exam. If you can catch any problems early, they are normally easy to take care of.

PSA Numbers - To quote from my blood work which I just got today:

“PSA values from different assay methods cannot be used interchangeably. This assay was performed using the Bayer Chemiluminescent method.”

Mine was 2.0 ng/dl. Anything lower than 4.0 is good.

Any labwork you have done will give the test results and will also list the reference ranges, so don’t just get the raw numbers from your doctor. Get a photocopy of the actual results.

Thanks for the replies. I am not paranoid about the PSA results. And I do have a copy in my hot little hands. Out side of the abnormal PSA results, I have no other signs of any issues with the prostrate. I have been doing some reading and found that a fat rich diet could, and I will restate could give a weird reading on the PSA. I was pigging out then.

That was an interesting factoid about it being the estrogen that causes issues with the prostrate. Interesting how we are getting zapped by the doctors unitentionally. They give us stanton drugs to lower chloresterol, which screws up out test levels, then the good chloresterol tanks, we get another drug to raise the good stuf, which further messes up the hormone levels.

Then when you test is low, and can not contradict the estrogen produced, you have weird PSA numbers. The they determine you do not have cancer, but you need to take another drug to support the gland.

Jezzus, what a vicious circle.