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Test and Prohormone Stack?

Can a person benefit from a steroid/prohormone stack?

As a powerlifter, I have tried most androgenic and anabolic products, and have found a stack of just Test and Deca work great for medium to long cycles. The strength and growth results more than meet my expectations, as well as benefiting from the joint relief offered by the Deca.

Occassionally adding Winny adds quality strength gains I can maintain long after the 8-week cycle, as well as some fat loss that occassionally helps me compete in the next lower weight class.

However, Winny is becoming increasingly more difficult to acquire in good dosages for the price. I have used in the past, with success, a variety or pro-homones and pro-steroids, but never in combination with actual steroids.

Can you get the same synergy with a steroid and prohormne stack that you can if you were just stacking steroids? I am just as interested in knowing if it is safe as finding out if it will work?

My expectations are not necessarily the same but in theory it seems I could get the same (type) results if I added, or did a cycle of, a product like LG’s Liquid Materdrol?

Any thoughts?

As a fellow PL’er I can also to attest to my own affinity for Test/Deca. I would not waste time with prohormones. Why eat hamburger when you can have steak?

You probably should look at Test/Tren. Tren will offer you more strength than winny and perhaps more weightloss too. Not sure what your dosages are you’re shooting but Tren isn’t cheap.

Its funny that you mention Tren, my only other post/question had to do with Tren A…

I have 2 10 ml bottles of Tren A 200 which provide for a good cycle, but I am a little concerned about losing deca’s joint-aid properties.

Winny works well, is so very easy to take, and offers an alternate location to my glutes for injections. I can take one in the arm from alcohol swab to recapping the pin in about 20 seconds…lol.

What is your experience/knowledge of tren’s ability to lean out? At 275, I use test at 200mg’s twice a week and 300 mg’s of deca; I have found my sweet spot to maximize my supply and results. Do you have a suggestion for the tren? Thanks.