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Test and One of the Pro-Steroids?


I would like any input on Stacking Test with some of the Pro steroids that are on the market today. Superdrol, PheraPlex, Epastan ect....




I too shared this curiousity back when I was in the drafting stages, but I realized that if I could acquire test I could acquire a better oral steroid namely dbol or drol. For your biggest bang for your buck I would run the SD.


Why, if you could get testosterone, would you take "Superdrol"?


Whats your thoughts on a test + MAG-10 Cycle then? My little brother wants to try this.

Basicly his thougths were to run test at 250mg EW for 12 weeks, do MAG-10 for 14 days the first month and MAG-10 legacy for 14 days the second and third month.

He is 27 and pretty well built.


where the fuck are you gonna get MAG-10,i think everyone on here would like to know that.


He bought it when it was available on put most of it in the freezer. :wink:


I used some from 2006 that was kept frozen since purchase. It was not effective at all.


MAG-10 or MAG-10 legacy?

And what do you mean it didnt work? What kind of diet and training protocol did you follow?


The original liquid MAG-10.

I was eating ~4500 calories a day. 40/30/30 protein/fat/carbs. Training was my usual training that I do, I have a log in the Log section.

No significant strength or weight gains.


My brother has the pills.



What is with this. Mixing a PH with test was only a half way acceptable idea when the oldschool PH's were still around.

If you guys can get test you can get dbol.

Simple as that, they are the two most easily avaliable steroids, and they are everywhere.

Test + Dbol + AI + SERM = a great cycle and PCT.

The only PH I would ever consider using is Hdrol, which is "basically" an OT clone, and is very very similar dosed high enough.

And thats assuming for whatever reason I was completely set on using OT in the first place, and was unable to acquire it because it is rare.

The only reason to use PH is for legal and availability issues.

You have ACQUIRED a bottle of test, legality just went out the window.


The thing is he doesnt want to throw the Mag10 out the window, so thats why im posting this question. Im well aware that there are better cycles.


Just throw it in on top then. Im not very familiar with MAG-10.

I believe it was a stack of 4-AD and 1-AD or some variation of those compounds.

Bill Roberts would have to comment, my understanding of MAG-10 is limited.

I dont think I would consider running it by itself, and I dont think its equal to say, dbol for use in a test cycle.

I would run the MAG-10 on cycle after I finished my dbol kickstart.

Or just sell it and buy more test, people pay rediculous prices for old school PH's these days, who knows why. Nostalgia I guess.


This concept is like sitting at a nice restaurant and ordering a steak then saying I want some ketchup to go on top.



Even when MAG-10 was available I never once considered the question, or advised someone, on how to combine it with pharmaceuticals anabolic steroids

The reason being, if one can acquire the latter, one might as well do everything with them.

It's a legitimate question if already having the MAG-10 and thus it being "for free."

I would think the more efficient use would be for it to do what most of the pharmaceuticals are not so good for: providing an aid between cycles and without any liver toxicity.

So for example, it would be interesting to see if, a few days after levels of the pharmaceuticals have declined to be only quite moderately inhibitory and allowing recovery, say to the 100 mg/week level after accounting for half-lives and time since last injection, trying say 2 capsules of MAG-10 on arising, or that plus one at noon, and seeing what happens.

An alternate would be to have a perfectly good cycle in the first place and just add the MAG-10 on top of it, hoping for any extra effect. If only a moderate cycle there ought to be something. If however at the gram per week or better level then anything added might be too difficult to notice. Might as well continue saving it for later if that's the case.


Hey mofo ketchup on steak is good!!!!


Just thinking out loud: why wouldn't stacking say test prop with winny & say epistane/havoc (or clones) merit any consideration for a cutting, dry-gain cycle?


What will epistane accomplish in your suggested plan that is better done that way than with compounds good enough to win success as pharmaceuticals?

Other than add liver toxicity.

Note, while some sellers of it claim their compound is the Japanese pharmaceutical, it is not.


That does make sense however I was pondering the idea because of the following reasons: 1)the purported ability of epistane to act as an anti-aromatase & 2) the manufacturer's claim that epistane use leads to "dry" gains. Most users of epistane & like products appear to concur at least with the latter claim.

Based on these claims, it seemed logical (at least to me) that epistane may add some kind of synergistic or additive benefit when combined with other, obviously more potent, compounds that are typically used for cutting.

I can tell from your response, that this is not the case. I appreciate you clarifying this. I'm especially concerned by your last statement:

"Note, while some sellers of it claim their compound is the Japanese pharmaceutical, it is not."

Are you suggesting that this product is not what it claims to be (chemically speaking) or that it isn't Japanese-derived? Confused.