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Test and Needles


I am very new like a baby here I am very much afraid of needles I have some22g 1 1/2 I was scared so a friend of mine said to use 30 g 1/2 in my shoulder but dimple the skin I did I think it worked but don't know I was also told that if I don't get it in the muscle I wi have to get the area cut out help me someone please


You'll be alright, I use 29g/ 1/2inch myself for test cyp. I draw with 20g pin, and backload into 29g. As far as 1/2 inch for depth, I hit my quad, and I make sure it's dimpled as well, taking my time when I'm injecting. I've been pinning like this for past three years once a week with no problems, and occasionally hit my shoulders as well.

Twice in my life I've had a bad reaction to a pin, redness and swelling, but it was because of a bad batch, and it went away in under a week. There's lots of Bro Science when it comes to gear, and even after three years of me using a insulin pin, I still have friends that swear it doesn't work " you have to be at least 2inchs into the muscle for it to work" .

As long as it's in the muscle it'll work, 1/2 inch, or three inches doesn't make a difference. If by chance you don't go deep enough,(not dimpling) or you shoot to fast (forcing the test back up around the pin) you'll know it ! This is called "skinning" the shot, where the test ends up between the skin, and the muscle, it hurts like hell. You end up with a bump, right where you shot it can hurt, and be sore to the touch for weeks.

I only did this once, and I was really new to the pin, just by reading this post you know more than I did back than. Lots of guys here shoot test with a small pin, Google "Slin pin" here, and you should learn lots. There is a steroid form here with lots of good info, hope this helps


Thanks a bunch jake what about the delts I was sore for about four days and a lil red in the injection site


What were you shooting, if it's test prop you will be sore after every shot. Either way it's probably just the test, when I start a new cycle the first couple shots are sore for a couple days. Make sure you use a new pin every time. Like I said, spend some time lurking around the steroid forms, lots to learn


Donnie - wrong 'supplement' forum dude.

Try the off topic - steroid one.


22g 1 1/2 work perfect for me in the Glutes. I was scared of needles as well. But to be honest it is not bad at all and it is pretty dificult to mess up a glute injection. Any virgin pin site will be sore after injection for a couple days


I hate hitting my delts, the pain is fierce. Granted I only use short esters but I remember one time I put in more cc than they could hold and it was not a fun time. 1cc tops I'd say, and unless you are a big fat ass, you probably dont need to go the full 1 1/2 inch for delts.


PS best site, ventral glute


Slin pins all the way. 22g is a damn harpoon, 25-27g for 1.5 is what I use If I'm not using slins and even then I don't bury all 1.5" either. .5" or 5/8 is plenty for delts.


I use a backloaded .5'' 29g slin pin in the quads, delt.. Its very easy and I could probably pin it anywhere theres a muscle with almost no pain. Just shoot slow 1cc its easy and painless. In the muscle is in the muscle. For that matter I think some dudes are doing sq shots if thats the case then in the body is all you need. Just dont be a tard and pin your veins


Thanks for all y'all's help its givin me a lot of insight I've been going to the gym for about a year with little to no gains I'm not competing or anything just want some more mass. How long does it take to start feeling the effects Keep in mind I'm 40 and haven't ever taken any kind of steroid


If your 40 just get on TRT and blast & cruise... Take a time machine back to your 20's :slight_smile:

Yes you should definatly feel the T the first week or so granted its a good dose of real shit. As far as putting on size eat right, lift right & take your juice and you will grow up big and strong..


Hey hero, I just took third injection and nothing really going on no oily skin no libido upgrade or anything do you think I might have a week gear?


Maybe??? If you bought from a bro who knows. Why bother you are 40 just go to the doc and get some real T and let your insurance pay 4 it.. Without labs ect its hard to say maybe your e is way up, maybe its bad juice. If what was me I can tell my T is real becuase I get horny as fuck on it. If you have done 300+ mg's and fat chicks dont look hot maybe its bunk


I don't know if it matters but its eanthate t what's the diffrence between this and the cyp. The bro I got it from competes and he said its what he uses and should take about three weeks


No need to worry yet. It takes 2 possibly up to 3 weeks to really start feeling it.

Test E and Test C are 2 different esters but have extremely close half lives. For our purposes they are considered interchangeable.


What happens if you don't go deep enough is it bad do you lose out on the gear


Don't worry. You are going deep enough. If by chance you weren't you would be injecting subcutaneously. This would not be wasting gear. Sub Q would be a slower absorption, but not a waste. In fact a lot if veterans prefer it.


And another question are muscle cramps a side effect when I'm doing arms and chest on a bench the arches of my feet cramp??


Many different things can cause cramps. I can't speculate what is causing them for you. Arches of the feet is certainly a different one though.