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Test and Microendenoma

So if it’s induced by the Prozac I recently quit should I get back on prozac to see if it helps?

Brent Davis

Do you have intense body temp changes? Feelings of temp fluctuations?

I’ve been feeling more cold than hot.

I spent my lunch on my floor covered up with coats today. It’s almost 90 outside.

What about digestion ? Diarrhea or constipation?

Last couple days some diahrea but nothing bad. I’ve been taking a bunch of vitamins and probiotics from wellness place though. I did go through about a two year period of no solid craps though.

How’s your stress? On these boards dudes go back and forth about Hormones they understand very little of and then ignore the functions of neurotransmitters etc. here are the facts. The majority of symptom causes people have on this site are easy to figure out. Stress. Lifestyle. Diet. Sleep. Etc. I’ll answer more later. Sometimes the simplle explainations are right

Well I’m a high stress dude. I have 25 rental properties and teach full time. However, the reason I decided to take myself off the Prozac was because I was feeling great. I really don’t want to go back on but I need a plan to get myself back to level. I’m an active guy. Big outdoorsman. Do most of the work on my properties. Eat decent. I’ve been eating clean for a couple of months and can’t lose an ounce. I feel bloated and full. Recently had double carpal tunnel due to hands falling asleep. But now my feet are doing it and no relief in my hands.

Did you titrate off of Prozac


Brent Davis

Do you test your blood sugars

I believe they were tested in that panel.

I’m driving sorry man. I see you needing metformin soon likely and your cortisol is def High. I’ll look closer when I get back home on Sunday.

Thank you so much for all your help man.

Brent Davis