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Test and Microendenoma

I;m a newbie here. I just started TRT. I’m taking 200 mg per week of test cyp. and inj vitamin B. I’m also taking a ton of other supplements they sent me with. This all started with low test. In the range of 110-180 in three different tests. I will get the blood work posted soon. She went ahead and started the test injections but wanted me to get an MRI due to elevated prolactin levels. I just received word I have a microendenoma or however it is spelled. It is about 6mm. She prescribed bromcriptine 2.5 mg daily. How soon will I start seeing results? I’ve been on the test three weeks and so far I’ve gained weight and become an irritable bitch.

Symptoms prior to trt
Weight gain
Giant belly

This protocol will fail you unless you are a hyper T metabolizer, 200mg weekly is the limit for weekly doses. We need labs to determine if this protocol is even right for you, but with what little information I have it’s like trying to pin the tail on the donkey, I can’t see nothing.

No talk about thyroid, we have a lot of guys who come here with hypothyroidism who start TRT and wonder why it’s not working, see thyroid sticky. Irritable bitchy, sounds like high estrogen from a poorly designed protocol and water weight also from high estrogen. This forum exists because most doctor get TRT wrong.

No estrogen blocker with an insane weekly dosage, and you wonder why you are having problems. Prolactin can lower LH, therefore lowers testosterone which they failed to properly investigate before giving you TRT. How reckless.

I don’t have all of the labs from the clinic here. I do know the clinic is very well known for being top notch. My test results were:
%free 2.29
Test free 5.91
Sex Hormone binding glob 27
Albumin 3.9
A1c 5.7
avg glucose 117
Cholesterol 193
HDL 69
Calc HDl 115
triglycerides 46
chol/hdl ratio 2.80
u;tra tsh .76
prolactin 35.28
progesterone .50
estradiol 14.1
this was from my primary
My wellness clinic did a lot more testing. Will post the other panel asap

39 years old
212 pounds

Thought so, this protocol is wrong for you, top notch my ***. You should be injecting 50mg SQ twice weekly. These clinics make their profit selling as much drugs as possible, they don’t care about your health, only profit. It’s why they started you out on what’s considered the maximum weekly dosage recommended. I bet your levels are above normal ranges, likely 1500 ng/dL.

That bitchiness is because you’re converting an insane amount of test into estrogen because your levels are too high and you liver is unable to clear out the excess estrogen. It’s time to wake up and realize your health isn’t number one priority for these clinics.

I don’t doubt they push as much drugs as possible for profit but I did have labs done at two separate places. My insurance questioned my results so I did them two other times. I do have a fair bit of experience with AS but that was 10 years ago. I do think I will drop to 100 week.
So there is no doubt my prolactin levels are out of wack due to my mri results. Hopefully that medication will help with my prolactin issues.

I do have some clomid and Nolvadex on hand but I read that can make prolactin issues worse.

Thanks for taking the time to give me some advice.

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I guess I thought I did start my own thread? Sorry. I’m new to this site.

So i posted some of my labs in a hurry the other day. Here are mylatest.
39 years old
210 pounds
Week 4 of test cyp 200mg per week
B6 inj 2x per week

Constant weight gain
Numb hands/feet/nose/head
No motivation

I take adderall 20mg for adhd
Recently started bromcriptine for micro
Test 212
Dhea 212
Vit D 34
Homocysteine 10.3
Cortisol 22.7
T3 free 3.7
Tsh 2.22
Free t 4 1.63
Estradiol 14.1
Progesterone .50
Prolactin 35.28
Psa .475
Glucose 103
B12 656
A1c 5.3

I feel like absolute dog crap. Any help??

Why are you injecting Vitamin B6?

Your e2 is low, could be the B vitamins… I know that methylation from certain supplements causes e2 to drop. That range of e2 will make you feel miserable.

Is that your Total T? Because if so. There’s 2 reasons why you feel like shit… Im sure others will chime in about your thyroid also.

You need to put ranges with your labs also.

I guess the b6 is for feeling like I’m in the gutter. I really don’t know. I have heard it can help bring prolactin down. I think this bromcriptine is making me feel worse but I felt bad before that.

Directly edit and add lab ranges to your labs. Look for pencil icon below that post.

Vit-D25 should be higher. Suggest 5,000iu per day.

TSH should be nearer to 1.0
fT3=3.7 seems well above mid-range, guessing as you have not posted lab ranges. With TSH up and FT up, you could possibly have elevated rT3 interfering with fT3 at T3 receptors. fT3 is the only active thyroid hormone.

  • Do you feel cold easily?
  • Dry skin?
  • Gain fat?
  • Outer eyebrows sparse?
  • What is your history of using iodized salt?
  • Describe your history of stress and major stress events.
  • Do does your body react to major stress?

Bromocriptine. Contains bromine which can interfere with iodine in the body. Cabergoline/Dostinex 0.25mg twice a week is effective and relatively free of side effects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bromocriptine#Side_effects

There are no risks of heart problems with doses used for adinomas. The risks are when using high doses treating Parkinson’s disease, as stated by FDA.

how do i insert the picture of my labs directly?

Crap. Ranges aren’t on there.

I’m desperate to figure something out to help me feel better.

I’m also due for b6 today. Should I not take it?

So my estrogen is low but my prolactin is high. Which is making me feel like puking and sleeping all day.

…guess it wasn’t estrogen. It always isn’t estrogen.

Are you having any hot flashes or days of extreme heat intolerance? Any history of SSRI use?

Years of Prozac. Haven’t been off long.