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Test and Mast Question

I couldnt find anything to help me with my question and thats why im coming here to get your guys advice.
Im really interested in using mast but my source does not carry mast e. Only carries mast p or a mix blend on 100mg p and 200mg e. Due to my job i can not use short esters because i cant pin on weekends.
If i got the mix would that be okay to pin monday thursday along with my test?
Second question. Is 300mg mast with 500mg test e going to be a waste of mast? What would be the recommended dose for mast if ran with 500mg test e.
Thank you!

What are you looking to get from the cycle?

Choosing compounds/esters that are more suited to your schedule is probably your best option.

You could run something with what you have available, given that the mast blend is majority enanthate, but its not going to be optimal so i would look at a different compound instead of the mast.

Looking to harden up a bit with nice clean lean muscle mass. Maybe 10-15lbs. Ive ran test alone a couple times and now just looking to get a little extra. I have access to tren in whatever ester or blend. Do you think i should try that?
I only have concern with the sides tren e gives you. Ive heard a lot of bad things about it. And as i said before pinning on weekends is not an option so tren a would not be optimal.

If you have done a couple of test only cycles then i think adding tren e @ 250mg a week would be good.

I think the sides are over hyped especially if running a low dose. You might get a bit sweaty at night and maybe find sleeping a bit rough at times. People also talk of increased aggression but i would describe what i experienced as more of increased irritability. At 250mg a week you might not got any sides at all.

I think some people find that mast can increase aggression just as much as tren.

That mast blend would work but obviously the 100mg or prop isn’t going to be stable but i don’t see why that would really be an issue

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You think tren that low would have any effect for hardening up?

I think an additional 250mg of tren on top of the 500mg test makes for a much stronger cycle than the test alone - run more if you want to. Diet and low bodyfat is going to determine how much you harden up

Yeah i guess the tren would just add to the androgenic properties increasing strength. In theory wouldnt the smallest amount make a difference if stacked with test? Say 50mg a week with a test base. Obviously going that low is hoing to be pointless but it would have to do somthing.

Others already touched on the main things, but pinning a short ester M/W/F is just fine, especially if you’re using a blend that has enanthate. Don’t sweat the weekends.

Goals and body fat %

Lean mass while increasing vascularity and hardening up. I walk around at 15% because for health reasons that ive now resolved so im good to drop that down now.
Should i drop this down before trying mast? Or tren?