Test and Mast on Cruise

Seen the idea of low dose test and mast being used on a cruise for example 75-100mg of each rather than 150-200 test alone. My understanding being that it would result in lower e2 levels. I generally just stick to 100-150mg of test on my cruise, but would be interested to hear from anyone thats tried this approach and what it did to your blood lipids etc

Do you need lower e2 levels?

I have some pre existing gyno that sometimes flares up. Id like to be able to cruise without the use of an ai which for the most part I do. I usually do 150 test and use nolva when gyno sides start, I dont like to use arimidex if I dont need to

You have gyno flare up on a cruise of 150 test?
What do you consider a gyno flare up?

I would not use mast on a cruise. The point of the cruise is to let your body rest from the stress of the blast. Mast is going to mess up your cholesterol, even at a low dose. You would be better off running 200mg test on your cruise.

Dependent on genetic predisposition but for most… yes, even a low dose of drostanolone will crush HDL/marginally increase LDL.

I’ve posted on this several times. I’ve been cruising test/mast combo for well over a year. No real issues with cholesterol until I added anavar which increased my cholesterol dramatically.

You need to pick your priorities. Mast helps a ton with libido and erection quality. Especially as we age.