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Test and HCG Injection Questions

A few questions here regarding my Test & HCG injections.

  • Is there any issue with drawing both HCG + Test in the same syringe?

  • Why is it instructed to draw air into the syringe first, and inject the air into the vial before drawing the solution? I’ve done this, and it does not seem to do anything. I just end up having to draw from the vial and read the syringe.

I’m using a 23g needle to draw, and a 25g needle to inject. It seems to do the trick, but the test cyp is thick, and forces me to keep drawing back on the syringe to get the right amount on it. It’s not that smooth. I wonder if I’m needing to press hard to inject because of this, which maybe explains my next thing?

Next thing being I have some irritation where I’m injecting (stomach) There will at times be a red bump where I injected. Goes away in a couple days typically, but I’m injecting 2x per week and there is often redness and itching around the injection site.

While not a huge issue, I just want to make sure I’m doing things right. Thanks for feedback.

It is not advised, but it has been done without issue as long as it is deep.

Injecting air into the vial increases pressure and makes it easier to draw.

Should use glutes, thigh or delt.

@highpull Why glutes, thigh or delt? Defy told me to inject subq, into stomach.

SubQ is an option but not the best for everyone. I get the same irritation you got. Switched to delts, no more irritation

Use smaller needles. 29g 1/2". I also stick the bottle in the side of my sock to warm it up to make drawing easier. I get a sub q lump if the oil is to thick. Switched to delts for test shots. Super easy and less painful in my opinion. Took awhile to nut up and pin in the muscle. Should’ve started doing delt shots sooner.

I cannot answer for them. I am assuming, since you are injecting twice a week, that you are injecting 75-100mg, maybe less, 60mg? Anyway, that’s a lot of oil to inject into the stomach, subq. That’s why you’re getting a lump. The oil forms a bolus which can take a while to absorb and likely why it gets red from the irritation of just sitting there. If adding hCG into the mix you just compound the problem. Probably better to go into the muscle.

It’s a lot of liquid for a Sub-Q injection. Try to thoroughly massage the area for a good 30 seconds after injection to disperse the oil instead of having it all clumped in one spot.

So I’ve tried my last 3 Testosterone injections in my leg. In my quad, half way between groin and knee area. There is a mark where I injected, similar to the mark I was getting on my stomach when injecting. I make sure to sanitize the vials and injection site. Also, there is a slight soreness in my leg the day of and day after injecting there. Nothing major. Just felt like I lifted legs the day prior. I imagine the shoulder would be worse, given it’s not as much of a meaty area. As far as avoiding the irritation I was getting in my stomach, it doesn’t seem to fix the issue.

Also, what would be ideal for needle sizes for future purchases? I use 23G/5’8" to draw, and 25G/1/2" to inject (for both Test and HCG). The test draws verrry slowly witht he 23G. Lastly, is there any reason to not use the same syringe and inject Test first, switch the needles, then inject HCG? I’ve been using 2 separate syringes, but wonder why this is necessary if I’m injecting them within a minute of each other. Or can I just draw Test & HCG together and do 1 injection if I’m injecting both the same way?

This statement perplexes me. How much in terms of volume are you using per injection. I have no difficulty drawing and injecting with a much smaller 28G one-piece insulin syringe. I used to use a 25G switched to the smaller 28G for comfort.

I inject anywhere between 0.2mL and 0.3mL every 3 days and I inject into my upper outer quadriceps muscle. See diagram below.

Regarding one syringe for T and HCG, I suppose one could do this but I’ve never tried it. There’s some risk of cross-contamination of vials with all that needle switching.

Same. I use 30g insulin syringes. It does take a minute or so to draw but not a big deal

I was told that the redness and itching can be caused by a reaction to the esters. My buddie had to switch from Test C to Test E and that worked for him. I was having the same problem, but my body seems to have gotten use to it.