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Test and GH

in your opinions, what are the best ways to naturally improve testosterone and gh levels aside from taking any kind of horomone or t-booster. I looking for things like foods, supps, and exercises.

Don’t have a link off-hand but there’s an article here (I think it’s called “the Big T”) that lists how food, etc. affects your testosterone.

Best way.

Great Diet, Adequate sleep or MORE, and heavy Hard training.

As far as my situation is concerned, my training is very intense (im a D3 athelete), very clean diet, get plenty of sleep. I don’t get into hardcore supps just protein, creatine, multi, etc. my main question is wether certain foods or exercise patterns can increase gh and test production.

Eat plenty of healthy fats (along with some saturated fat). Diets higher in fat lead to higher levels of the almighty Test. Don’t go too low with the carbs or protein, either, though.

Phill’s right on with getting quality sleep. 8-9 hours is great.

As for training, stick with something heavy and don’t over do it. Basically any routine from here.

Also, pick up some ZMA. Great for sleep and helps maintain healhty levels of Testosterone; hard training individuals tend to be depleted in zinc. Plus it’s only 9 bucks.

Hope this helps.

thanks for the advice, im on a 3 day lift split right now that my coach has me doing, i do 2 or 3 days of interval training everyweek along with a couple more days of distance type work. I take flax and fish oil about 3.5 grams of each a day. As far as ZMA goes i took it in the past may have to think about taking it again.