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Test and Equipose Cycle

Hey guys, I have already bought test and eq long time ago but I’m gonna use it now, here are my dosages. It’s my third gear cycle.
12 weeks
Test 500 mg/week (Monday, Thursday) Pinning it on the morning (7 am) for 12 weeks
Equipoise 300mg for the beginning of 2 weeks out of 12 weeks then 600mg till the last week. (will mix with the test in one syringe)
i have AIs but i don’t think I’m gonna use for this cycle
Might give blood after 5th or 7th week(equipose on repo regarding High RBC counts.
-A question, can I use same withdrawal syringe on the other day?

My goals are to put on some lean muscle especially my trap heights, arms and legs(primarily).
Likewise, my diets will be clean as possible and also based on the macros. I might have a cheat day once a week especially when I’m feeling weak.
For the workouts, I’m gonna focus more on weaknesses at least three times a week regardless of the main days aswell like chest, back and legs as the main days. As an overall goal, strength, hypertrophy and conditioning.
-Second question, do you guys have any workout routine recommendations with my gear and goals?
Furthermore, I’m gonna also add some cardio like two days a week(rest day and on lifting day), HIITs sprinting 100m 5 sets, 30 sec rest. Besides that, I will run 10-20 mins before I start my workout every lifting days as well.

So based on your observations, is there any defects and will mind giving my some legit advice before i bump into this cycle? Thanks guys!

So you want to start weeks 1-2 with 300mg. Is there any reasoning for this, I’m assuming you have boldenone undecylenate which is very slow acting. If anything you would want to front-load the EQ considering you are only using it for 12 weeks. With only 12 weeks use of EQ you will not reach peak blood concentrations of boldenone that 600mg/weekly should give. EQ is generally used for longer cycles. You will still make gains no doubt, however I’m not sure if 12 weeks of a slow acting compound such as EQ makes it worthwhile, hopefully someone else can chime in on as to how long to run it. As to your syringe question, once you use a needle and syringe once, both are not sterile anymore therefore using the same needle OR syringe twice is a bad idea.


Yea man don’t run it at 300 for two weeks and run it longer.

Test at 500
Eq at 600

Run for minimum 16 weeks. I run my eq and test cycles at 20.

No AI will likely be necessary. Sweet cycle.

no bro, 300mg for the 1st two weeks then increase to 600mg

Why? Why not just run the cycle at the higher dosage the entire time?

I too am confused by this quasi reverse-front-loading approach. I’m doing the math and it seems like you have 6.6g of EQ. If you divided that evenly over the 12 weeks you could run it at a consistent weekly dose of 550mg. With such a long ester you traditionally either front load or run it out longer. I’m not saying that it won’t work for you, because it will. But it’s not going to give you the best results.

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Correct. And to be honest imo he doesn’t have enough eq to run long enough to accomplish much. Now he could try to run it at 400 mg a week for 15 weeks if he can’t buy more. That’s a smarter approach.

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just scared of sides of eq and im still new to eq thats why, i wanted to start from low dose, is that bad a approach bro. corrrect me if im wrong though

Eq sides are basically nil. Super safe compound man. You won’t even have a build up of the hormone for a few weeks. So starting low accomplished nothing. Why don’t you run 400 for 15 weeks

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Like physio said, you won’t see the side effects (if you get any at all) until you start to get a higher concentration in your blood. It’s not like an oral that you can notice within a few days (and sometimes side effects happen on the day of administration) or a short ester. If you get EQ sides it won’t be until you’ve already started on the higher dose (because of the lower dose the first two weeks) and by then you won’t know if said sides were dose-dependent or if it is merely an effect of the drug in any dose. In other words, if your hair started to turn green on week four you wouldn’t know if it was because any amount of EQ turns your hair green or if it just turns green when you cross over 400mgs.

Physio is basically the EQ guru here, so if he recommends it be run a certain way then you’re probably safe to listen to his advice.

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Haha thanks man. I love eq. I really do. Smooth easy gains that stick around without sides. Do I like tren? Hell yea. Does tren like me? Absolutely not. Haha. I have an absolutely gorgeous wife and kids and when the tren monster comes through I hate all of them hahaha. So that monster has been locked in a vault and only eq comes out to visit.


Does it make you anxious? How do you keep your hematocrit in check when using EQ? Do you donate blood? Phlebotomy? @physioLojik

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400mg ey, seems good bro, is this dosage be good as 600mgs. So Eq cycles do need pct right?

Sorry if I come off as a dick here, but if you don’t know ALL cycles require pct (unless you are on trt) you shouldn’t be using gear, you need to do more research. That’s like saying “anavar doesn’t require pct” ANY hormone given in a dosage that is more than the amount your body produces will shut you down, PCT is mandatory unless you want to go through a prolonged period of having low T and lose all your gains. Have you used PCT in your previous 3 cycles? How old are you? Did you get baseline bloods before hopping on gear?

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It actually doesn’t make me anxious. I’ve used it anywhere from 400 a week to 1g a week and never really developed it. I can tell you that for buddies of mine who have, I just have them take 500 mg of gaba three times a day. Really chills them out :slight_smile: as far as blood, at around 600 mg a week I get on the very high end of normal and if I remove about 200ml of blood one time around the 10 week mark it takes care of it. But I also have a phlebotomist in my office so that make sure it pretty easy haha :slight_smile:

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Always use PCT man. I am on TRT so I don’t but you’ll need to. Will 400 be as good as 600? Use
400 and stretch the cycle. It’s your first time running it. It’ll be plenty.


Previous cycles I did sustanon 250 mg for 8 weeks only but my instructor didn’t let me take pct. I’m 24. Yea already did with blood check ups. Can you elaborate more on blood baselines?

Alright bro. Thanks for the advices. Is there anything much on the blood I need to be worried about or blood donations ? Since it elevates Rbc right

It’s best to have bloods of your total and free testosterone levels before you have used any type of gear, that way, a month or so after PCT, when you get more bloods you can compare to see if you have fully recovered. For instance, Before TRT my total testosterone levels were around 260ng/dl however two years prior to that they were 1052ng/dl, I have never used any type of anabolic steroid (YET) other than TRT, however my endocrine if system WASN’T fucked up I would be hoping for something like this.
Pre-Cycle 1052ng/dl FSH 6.8 LH 5.8 (these are random LH and FSH numbers)
mid cycle 2000-3000ng/dl (or not, depends on dose of test) FSH 0.1 LH 0.1
Three-four weeks after last injection (long ester)
A month after PCT
900-1100 ng/dl LH 5-7 FSH 4-6
If someone had a first cycle with PRE, mid and after bloods like this, one can likely make the conclusion that they have made a solid recovery. As to the question about EQ elevating RBC, ALL steroids will elevate your RBC count to some degree, getting blood donated or having a therapeutic phlebotomy every now and then will help mitigate any possible adverse affects of having a high RBC count (increased risk of stroke etc)

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If you had to pick between like, test only or TRT dose test, high EQ or a 50/50 split what would you pick (just curious, I would never use EQ, ester too long, wouldn’t clear out before bloodwork for trt). If the answer is EQ, why?