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Test And EQ

Whats up? I was wonder if u all would critic my stack. I plan on running Sustanon 250 and EQ, 500 mg and 400 mg respectively (2 doses a week), for 10 weeks.

I plan on taking clomid or nolvadex (which do u all prefer? i’ve heard good pts for one of the other) or maybe hcg, also wanted opinions on taking this.

Just so u know i did run an 8 week cycle of test en., intended on 10 weeks but was allergic and had to cut it short. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Well the basic and most common cycle length is 12 weeks, and it looks like your mgs are fine.
All in all looks like a good stack i would up it to 12 weeks because the general concencus around EQ is that it needs all of that 12 weeks to get its full effect. In no means am i an expert but IMAO hcg is a must to get your nuts back to size it will probably help retain gains aswel, nolva, clomid i think comes down to personal choice but will need to have some on hand.
There are alot of knowledgable guys on here so it would be great to hear from them.
I will be starting a cycle similar to yours but with Test E instead.
Keep updated on the cycle man.