Test and EQ PCT and Gains?

I’m doing a Test 500/week and EQ 400/week, total 14 weeks cycle. Got just 3 more weeks to go. I have two questions:

  1. Even though I can clearly see my gains, specially my triceps and delts. I’ve only gained like 3.3 pounds. Is this gain normal? Or am I supposed to gain more from such a cycle?
  2. My PCT- After 14 weeks of cycle> Wait for 2 weeks> Week 17-20(4 weeks) Either Nolva 40 ED or Nolva 40+ Clomid 50 ED. Does this seem okay to you?

Depends. How many cycles have you run and how far above your natty weight you are. I’m running a test / EQ cycle too with minimal gain such as yourself but that’s normal for me. My first ccouple cycles I gained a lot more weight. I would wait 3-4 weeks for pct on those long compounds.

Have you run cycles before? How many calories are you eating? Have you dropped a lot of fat during cycle?

What kind of gains did you get from EQ in the past or is this your first cycle with it?

As blshaw said it really depends on where you started if I can gain 3-4 lbs of lean mass in a cycle without putting on fat and possibly losing fat that’s a successful cycle. Altho I would expect you to be holding at least a few pounds of water with that test and eq dose

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Yeah I have to basically repeat what has already been said, it all depends on how many cycles you have run along with where you were at the beginning of this cycle. If you are early like 2-4 cycles into your AAS experience then I would look at diet and training, provided you have legit as in legitimately dosed gear.

Really if you are anywhere past five successful cycles then 3 lbs gain is decent. Remember you have lost fat at the same time as gaining the 3 pounds so it might really be 6-8 pounds of lean mass gained you just don’t see it because you lost this thin layer of fat all over. Plus the fat you burned out of the muscle itself.

Me personally as I have progressed have learned to take those body fat caliper measurements all over along with measuring tape on a number of points all over my body. I use these numbers to better gauge my progress. Once you get about I’d say around five cycles or so then if you were taking care of business you should be well past genetic potential along with under or right at 10% body fat. After this point every bit of progress gets harder and harder to achieve it’s just the nature of the beast. If you can lose a whole percentage point of body fat and gain a couple of pounds on a cycle after this point then you are doing well.

For PCT all you should need is either 40mgs a day of Nolvadex for two weeks then 20mgs a day for two weeks.
If you want to use clomid as well then 20mgs Nolvadex with 50mgs clomid a day for two weeks then 10mgs Nolvadex and 25mgs clomid a day for two weeks.
Basically it’s two doses a day for two weeks then one dose a day for two weeks. Standard doses of Nolvadex is 20mgs and 50mgs for clomid. If you use both then it’s one of each for two weeks then half a dose of each for two weeks, two half doses of each “equaling” one total dose.

Also since you are taking EQ and it has such a long half life then you need to wait three weeks after the last shot to start PCT. If you have enough test you can run it one week past the EQ then stop and wait two weeks and start PCT. Starting your PCT to early especially with EQ or deca can literally waist your PCT. We need to wait for those built up levels to drop below supraphysiological levels. Once the amount being released from the ester per day is lower than the amount where our bodies shutdown natural production then our PCT can be effective.


Thank you guys for all the replies. Yes, I’ve actually lost a bit of fat and I’m at the end of my cycle and I feel like I’m getting leaner every week tbh.
This is my second proper cycle my first cycle was test only. I gained a lot from my first cycle and that’s the reason I was expecting more gain from this one.
As most of the comments suggested, I’ll wait 3 weeks instead of 2 before starting PCT.
Lastly I think for PCT I’ll take nolva only, and see how my body responds.

First cycle with EQ. I’m not impressed. I know its not a dramatic compound but it basically feels like a test only cycle. I’m up maybe 3-4 lbs total on avg but that’s about right for me.


Good to know that I’m not the only one who gain around 3 lbs.