Test and EQ Dosage

Hey guys just considering a new cycle in a few weeks maybe 2 months. I recently tried to run lady tren and at week 11 when i noticed hair coming out like candy, i stopped cold turkey.

Ive had a lot of friends with great feedback from EQ, and I’m wondering what the dosage is that I can run this along with test. From what everyone is saying, they recommend 1 for 1mg per test/eq. If possible, id like to keep my test to a max of 500mg and run the eq at 800mg. Is this realistic? Ill throw in a low dose of letro daily and will use 500IU of HCG a week. Looking for around 16-20 weeks from what I am reading, if I only have to pin 2x a week (MUCH BETTER THEN EOD, I GENERALLY USE PROP/ACETATES) I could stay on for a long time. Thoughts? Thanks!

Just monitor your RBC. High dose EQ for long time can be dangerous.

I just ran Cyp/Eq for 12 weeks with Ari EOD and had no issues. I ran cyp at 500mg and Eq at 600mg. I pinned E4D and gained 20 lbs of good/lean muscle. I would’nt run it for that many weeks even with the HCG due to the RBC’s running higher. It will make you want to eat like a horse so if you plan your diet right you should have great gains in the later weeks of your cycle. anything less than 400mg and you wont see it or if you do it will be late in the cycle.