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Test and Eq Cycle

Ok so basically from the last post i have concluded that i would like to run a test and eq cycle dosed at 500mg and 400mg respectively. The cycle would go something like this
Weeks 1-12 Test e 500/wk monday/thursday
Weeks 1-6 Eq 400/wk eod
Weeks 14-18 Nolva 40mg Wk15/16
20mg Wk17/18
Is this a good cycle and pct for this cycle or do i need to run soemthing more than nolva?

my goal for the cycle is to add about 10-12 pounds of dry muscle tissue and add mass.

Do i have to pin eq eod? or could i do it on test days and get it all done at once?

any help works guys! looking forward to seeing some responses and/or tales of the cycle.

EQ is one of those compounds you need to run for extended time frames to yield results, as in 15 weeks or so. I don’t like it for PCT guys because it takes forever to clear and screws with your PCT timing. Also, 400mg is a little on the low side for EQ.

Combine with your test. Very long ester so no need for EOD.

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I would wait longer for PCT with EQ. I would consider running the test longer to let the EQ clear out for PCT. Then even for test at 500 mg/wk, I would wait at least 3 weeks for PCT.

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ok. so let me attempt to remake this cycle.
weeks 1-16 Test 500/Wk
weeks 1-16 Eq 500/Wk
Weeks 19-22 Nolva Ed 40/40 20/20
I’m sure with this cycle i could expect lots of gains with minimal sides. Am i missing anything?

That is better. I still think 3 weeks is a bit short for PCT after EQ. EQ has a half life of about 2 weeks. On a 500 mg/wk dose, two weeks later you will still have 250 mg equivalent dose. Four weeks later you will still have a 125 mg equivalent dose. Your body is going to be hesitant to restart testosterone production if you still have high androgens.

For EQ, I think 6 weeks is a good wait time. Because of this I think it is smart to run the test longer. At the same time it needs to be run longer. I think EQ is more suited for blast and cruise over cycling because of these reasons.

You could run the EQ 14 weeks and test 17 weeks to have them clear at about the same time. Then start PCT week 20.


I agree with what others have said, all I’ll add is think about running your cycle longer, 18-20 weeks, or start the EQ a couple weeks before the test. EQ is a very long ester and takes 6-8 weeks to reach saturation, so longer is better.

Also, check your E2 around the 6-8 week point. EQ can act as a powerful AI in some users and you want to make sure your E2 is in range. Running it 1:1 with test though you should be fine, no AI.

To answer your question about pinning, EQ can be pinned once a week.

Only other optional tweak to the 500 test 500 EQ cycle may be to add 25 MG Proviron bid. AI like properties and optimizes available free test.

Ok after research i think i’m gonna be doing a test e and anavar cycle. I know on my last post i was looking at eq but after researching further into it, it doesn’t seem worth it for me yet. Eq being extremely expensive and taking such a long time to “kick in” would it be a better idea to run var?
I’m stuck between deciding if var is worth it or not. if i were to run it the cycle would look like this.
Weeks 1-16 Test E 500/wk
Weeks 10-16 Anavar 350mg/wk so a 50mg tab a day
Pct Weeks 19-22 Nolva 40/40/20/20

if anyone has any experience running a similar cycle let me know. i don’t necessarily need to run the var but if it yields good results and fits well in this cycle than i would.

This looks better than using EQ IMO (since you are cycling not on blast and cruise). I personally wasn’t a huge fan of var, but it might have been under dosed or fake. Some really love it, but these things are individualistic.

Two recommendations for you. Split the var into two doses. The second is very optional, but you could run the var from weeks 12-18. It has a very short half life compared to the test. Then run the PCT week 19. You could even adjust further to have the var end just a couple days before PCT, and keep making gains in those weeks.

so, could u mock up a cycle for me? i’m getting confused.

Weeks 1-16 test e
Weeks 12-18 anavar 25 mg twice a day (split pills if 50mg)
Week 19 start PCT

Or you can run the var 10-16. Should be a small difference, but it is advisable to dose var twice daily with it’s short half life.

alright great. so that’s the plan. i’ll inform you guys when i get the gear and plan on starting the cycle. thanks

I suggest Anavar at 20mg/day for the entire cycle. I’ve done this several times and it’s the best way to use Var in my opinion. It’s a mild oral on the liver so doesn’t need to be cycled for a short period of time like other orals.

Why the lower dose? Anavar doesn’t need to be run that high to see results. At 50mg/day my lipids were fucked, 20mg/day they were not great but not terrible.