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Test and E2 Experience

39 yr old, 195lb, 6-3, very fit.
Labs: test at 1310 and 14, E2 undetectable.
I’ve been on TRT for 3 years. For the past 6 months this has been my protocol: 300mg cyp per week (2 inj), 250 hcg 3 times/week, 20mg exemestane 3 times/week.

My doc is suggesting adjusting test to 200mg per week and no AI. This seems like a radical adjustment.

I’d like counsel on whether I should lower test at all. If so, what to? In addition, if I transition to anastrozole, how much should I take per week? I’ve already been off exemestane 7 days and feeling way better.

After adjusting, I’ll retest in 8 weeks to dial in. Thanks in advance for sharing any experience.

300 mg per week is not TRT, it’s a super physiological dose bodybuilders typically use. I’ve never met anyone who could take 200 mg per week without an AI, what were your levels on 300 mg weekly? Unless you clear out E2 quickly your doctors sounds absurd.

I’ve read the stickies in TRT and Pharma and my interpretation is 300mg per week is def not a bodybuilding dose. Re my blood work, I outlined TT, FT, E2, and my protocol in my original post.

Are you watching your H/H?

At the clinics I have been seen at, they would pull your script with those numbers (I have no opinion about it personally, just telling you what objective info I do know) . Therapeutic lab values are usually between 300-800 for TT. Give or take a few on both end.

Why not just try 200mg a week with no AI and see how you feel.

Are you having low e2 symptoms at those numbers?

Thanks Alphagunner. I’m traveling and I don’t have my labs w me but it was a full panel and everything else tested within normal ranges.

Going to 200mg per week w HCG and no AI is an option but I was hoping for an adjustment that was somewhere in between. If it was suggested that 250mg per week w .25 anastrozole wod would get me to high normal ranges then I’d make that request to doc.

My primary concern w no AI is acne which I experienced before using exemestane. I’m already having some on my back and it’s only been 8-9 days off.

Re side effects of low E2, nothing in particular. But I’m open minded and may come to realize general wellbeing and fatigue were impacted. Thanks again and please know additional feedback is appreciated.