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Test and Deca


Question for the vets...I have read on this site that you should run the test two weeks longer than the deca. Why?


to avoid the progesterone (estrogen) side effect caused by the deca.. check this cycle.. Its actually more than two weeks or up to 45 days.

week 1: Deca 450 mg
w 2-3: Deca 600mg
w4-6: Deca 300 mg and Test-E 300mg + nolvadex 20mg every other day
w7-12: Test-E 300mg + nolvadex 20mg every day
*Post Cycle Therary
w13-15: Nolvadex 40mg every day and if you want a full dose of tribulus everday day ( this will help restore test levels a little and you can get it from most supplement stores for less than 10 bucks)

im not a vet but ive done a lot of research on this very combination. (this cycle was designed for a first-timer)


No, its done because if the two were ceased at the same time the test would leave your system before the decca leaving your natural test suppressed, but with nothing to support libido in its absence.


Thanks Zell959!!! I also confirmed your information on another website. Not that I do not believe you, but more than one source confirming the information is important on the internet.