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Test and Deca, Lost Libido Unresponsive Dick and Emotionally Flat

I started a test e cycle of 500mg a week injected twice a week for a month along with arimadex .5 EOD and decided to add in Deca 250 mg twice a week (500mg). It took about 2 1/2 weeks for the deca to really start kicking in. One night I was sleeping with a random and noticed my erection was going down on its own without stimulation. I stopped taking the deca and continued the test and added Proviron as I read this can be a DHN/DHT issue. I’ve been taking 50mg Proviron for 4 days now and havent noticed any changes. I’m not sure what to do here.

Speaking with a friend that has experience he advised I stay on the test and use the proviron for another month since the deca takes a while to get out of the system. His physique is like a refrigerator. Very slow metabolism. Says it shouldnt take me long at all to recover from this from what he knows about my body (says I’m letting my anxiety get the best of me and have become obsessive over this with constantly researching and should not make any more changes with my cycle and give things time to play out which I agree with I tend to have over obsessive thoughts and focus on the negatives a lot). He said it took him rouphly a month to recover after using the proviron but he was completely off-cycle (post pct).

I’m not sure wtf is going on. I feel like its something more than the deca dick as I’m pretty emotionally flat right now or if that’s from the discontinuation of the drug. I’m able to give myself an erection if I watch porn and was also advised to use Cialis. I want to have sex but I’m just not horny. What would be the best course of action? I understand everyone’s body is different and responds differently. I’ve read it could be a dopamine issue Should I add caber?
Height: 5 10"
Weight 180
Have a high metabolism.
I’m scheduling a Dr. appointment to get bloods done (estro, prolactin)

That’s a lot. Even if you cut that in half that would still be a whole lot. When I had really low E2 I had no libido at all and dick wouldn’t stay hard and when I crashed it I felt like complete crap. Hopefully you haven’t crashed yours but I’d definitely stop the AI and expect 2-4 weeks for your estrogen to get back to good levels.

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I’ve stopped taking the AI altogether for now. It’s been about 4 days and I am already noticing a change in my emotions, less joint pain (mainly on my knees). Ill let it play out and stay updated.

Hopefully you’re lucky and it’s just the AI (seems to be the case). If so you should bounce back in time. After reading all those deca-dick threads I couldn’t imagine what they must go through mentally. Scary shit.

I’m hoping so. My plan is to stay on the test up at 500mg a week and taking proviron 50mg for the next 3 1/2 weeks. (increase of DHT do displace the DHN) Cant get my hands on finasteride but i’m not sure what the point would be if I stopped the deca and increased sources of DHT. Been approx a week since ceasing the deca. I think im just being impatient and letting my anxiety get the best of me. No more deca for me. Ever. I noticed im starting to feel a weird tingling sensation at the tip. Not sure wtf that is. Maybe something to do with the penile androgen receptors? Again I think i need to get bloods done and see where my prolactin, and estrogen are. Thank you for the advice.

Have you tried to have sex since that incident or naw?

Yea i actually saw her again last night. I managed to get my hands on some cialis im taking 10mg currently which worked fairly well. I was able to keep and maintain an erection. Couldnt blow my load though. Heres what i’ve deducted so far.
Erections occur but not as full as normal
Takes longer to get erect
Interest in sex has dropped
It’s almost like the pleasure isn’t fully there but I can still feel it just not as much (personally i dont really care if i finish or not I get more pleasure knowing i satisfied the girl).
So the cialis and proviron are definately doing something. I think dropping the decca as early as i did was a good move so things wouldnt progressively get worse.

How are your workouts now?

Workouts are still great im crushing it at the gym. I’ve gained 18lbs so far and am fluctuating between 178-180.

Glad to hear that man. Then maybe you just don’t want to have sex right now bro🤷‍♂️

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Adding an update. I completed 12 weeks of test E at 250mg twice a week tapered down to 200 mg on my last shot approx 10 days ago. I did a total of 5 shots of deca 250 mg twice a week after front loading test for a month. I stopped the deca approx 28 days ago and continued the test until i tapered down. I added proviron to try to offset the dhn conversion during the time running test. Ill be starting pct next week for 6 weeks using chlomid and AI. I know deca lasts a very long time. Ill be getting bloodwork done soon to see where my levels are at and a few months past pct. Now heres the thing where i think i don’t really have deca dick but something else is going on. While i was on cycle my prolactin was at a 6, estrogen was on the high end. Ill post a picutre of my most recent labs when I get them (at a girls house). I was in a very dark place mid cycle everything was going good until my girlfriend broke up with me and caused me to go into a depression. I used an ssri about 5 months ago and need sleep medication as I suffer from intense insomnia.
Now regardless of all the medications I was taking I had no problem getting an erection with a girl or manual stimulation.
Now I have no feeling in my dick at all, and no libido. Like i want to have sex but I have no urge to.
This is where I think the problem is something other than deca. I ran a cycle of test and dbol two years ago. I suffered from ed on cycle most likely due to estrogen and some other factors but I had bloodflow to my dick. now its completely gone like there is absolutley nothing going on down there. Its actually cold to the touch. I cant get hard or even remotely hard its like im castraded. Clearly I have a problem with patience and I went clean to my dr and he said it’s most likely all in my head but I’m not depressed anymore. He wants me to get to a baseline before we do anything else. So I’m going to run my pct and see what happens. I’m not sad but not happy because I know I have this problem. I’ve had preformance anxiety in the past so I know what that feels like, I’ve had ed on cycle before so I know what that feels like as well. This is something completely different. A complete lack of bloodflow to my penis. When I try to stimulate myself I can only get 50 percent hard then it just goes away within a minute. I’m using cialis but when stimulation stops it starts going down. When its normal its shriveled up like im holding an ice cube up to it. Does anyone have any experience similar to what i’m talking about? I know some people call deca dick noodle dick and whatnot but I really dont think the deca is to blame for this one as the ed is so severe theres no feeling in my junk.
Doc said bp is normal, hr is very good and sounds good.
Low libido - still want to have sex but cant get turned on
Little to no sensitivity down there
Literally no bloodflow I mean its like a fucking raisin lol
I know the mind is a powerful tool but I really dont think this is a case of preformance anxiety or anxiety at all as I never had this problem before this cycle.

Any suggestions. Would be greatly appreciated. Should I visit a urologist and ask for a ultrasound? This is more annoying than depressing.

Sounds exactly like deca dick to me.


I concur. So my plan is to come off everything and go natty. I know deca can stay in your system for 18 months but i’m getting mixed reviews from alot of people saying they are just detectable metabolites and they are inactive, to they can still effect you. I mean its literally cold to the touch and shrivled up. I also noticed my hands and feet are cold. I’m thinking about making a eurologist appointment to see if theres something wrong regarding bloodflow. I feel like it’s not just the deca thats causing the issues. I mustve read every article on tnation trying to figure it out. It didnt start out like this, my flacid junk was noodle but it was normal noodle. now its just shrivled up i really dont know what to do.

Nope, not possible… once you’ve used something you can never say “im natty again” morphological changes (more AR, new muscle cells that have been synthesised while on etc) will forever alter you’re genetic potential/how much muscle mass you carry, so you can say “I don’t use anymore” but natty… no… no you’re not

If it’s a problem with blood flow it’ll typically respond to PDE5 inhibitors

Yeah I should have said no more steroids. And I wouldnt even say libido is the issue, Even with no libido I was able to have erections. I have cialis 20mg i cut into 5mg. With the 5 i can get an erection but it goes away without further stimulation. Even when I can climax it kind of just pours out. Do all levels balance out over time? I guess ill up it to ten. Im getting dopa mucuna powder since i cant get my hands on a dopamine agonist (dont think id need one since my prolactin was at a 6). I cant get an erection by myself at all only with the cialis. and dont have much feeling down there. Starting pct on thursday. Really hoping the problem rectifys itself. Never had this problem before or on a previous cycle
Update: cialis stopped working

These are the labs from my fifth and last shot of deca. I ran test for another month with proviron following. Waiting 2-3 weeks before i start pct.
Does dhn eventually unbind from the androgen recepors? Im assuming thats why i dont feel any pleasure down there.

I still cannot believe everything that’s happened these past 5 months. Developed insomnia, lost my girlfriend, became manic, fucked up my cycle and cannot pct. At least I graduated from college.

Update: I now have insomnia my dr has me on benzos and now I’m scared to go to sleep without them. Any dream wakes me up after a certain time. I cannot fall asleep on my own anymore.

Mental: Manic, trouble thinking, concentrating and remembering. It’s like taking steroids brought out underlying mental health issues. If anyone you know is in a dark place or has underlying mental health issues advise them to stay away from steroids.

Trying to organize my life again and staying hopeful and positive because being negative will never fix the problem. I’m praying to God I get a second chance with everything. Everything was going so perfect in my life than the biggest fucking crash I could have ever gotten.

Set up an endo apt to try to get my hormones back in check. I cant take pct as I got fucked out of my money. Every medication is giving me sides so I have no choice but to come off everything.

Have a urologist appointment as well to check blood flow issues as my hand’s feet and dick are cold now. Cardiovascular? Maybe.

Setting up a neurologist appointment to check my brain (got smashed in the face with a bottle trying to stop a friend from driving home absolutely smashed).

Good luck to you man. Hard to imagine what you’re going through, it must really suck, in tough times it’s helped me to practice gratitude for the things I do have and that are going well for me. The human body is good at fixing itself. It will take time but have faith.

Man, reading all these horror stories about Deca makes me think I must be one of the lucky people?

Im currently on week 7 Deca/Test 400/400 actually increased it to 500/500, and I still wake up with boners and need to restrain myself from thinking about sex lol.

Could Lab/Quality have impact on Deca D* issues? i wonder