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Test and Deca Cycle

for 20 years now ive been working out on an off.Now im 47 a few pounds overweight an decided its time now too really get into shape .ovefr the years ive wanted too do a cycle but really dont know what?Ive decide to do a test an deca cycle for 12 weeks what is a good suggestion to take with this too prevent estrogen?Ive already spoke with my doctor an he has agreed to monitor my blood work an gave me a green light.Also whats a good diet to follow?

Read the posts that are stickied at the top of the steroid forum. All the info for what you need is there. You need to do a lot more research to do this safely. Plus once you do your research and come up with a good idea for a cycle with planning, dosing etc… then come back and post it in the correct format on here. Also, it would help to post your stats so people know how to help the best.

To control estrogen issues you should use your choice of aromatize inhibitor at the appropriate corresponding dosage.

Are you on TRT? If not, I wouldn’t suggest deca, on a first cycle, when you are already 47…If you are not on TRT, do you even have a post cycle therapy planned?