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Test and Dbol


so im about to start my first cyle ever. i have a good friend who knows a lot and has much experience who will guide me through it all. im going to be taking dbol (3 tabs a day) for a month along with test. after the first month when i stop taking the dbol im going to be upping the test to about 250ml every 3 days as opposed to a smaller dose while taking the dbol.

can anyone please give me a basic idea if this sounds about right? thanks...


You're missing a ton of info here.

Personal stats?

Post the dosage details/length of time you'll be on... Also a post cycle recovery plan as well. That would be a decent start.

Someone will be able to better help you with that info.



age: 24
been working out and lifting weights since high school.

would be on the dbol(3 tabs a day) for 1 month on a lower dose of test (not exactly sure how much)

then stop dbol and up test to 250 every 3 days and stop cylce after 5 or 6 months.


you have to figure out how much dbol and how much test.
also wheres the AI at.

and how many weeks is 5-6 months 20-24 weeks
why will you go 20-24 weeks?

I really do not see this going well and your buddy that knows everything seems to know nothing.

read the stickies first please and tell me why this is a horrible cycle plan.


i know, i sound like a fuckin retard right now.. but i know hes got his shit down and knows what he is doing.. i just cant remember all the info he was telling me.. il get it all down on paper exactly what and when and how long as well as the recovery plan and post it... i just kinda wanted to see if the whole dbol and test thing was something any of you had every heard of...


in that case you could have done a search.

but you are going to allow your friend to tell you wha tto inject into your body and what pills to take, and you know nothing about them?

because "he has his stuff down" that means he can monkey around with your hormones?

you called it on the retard thing.


i read the sticky, and the cycle he suggest is pretty much exactly what i will be doing with an additional dbol for 4 weeks 3 times a day..


except for you should be running the same amount of test the whole time stick with the 250mg e3d from the get go


A beginner cycle shouldn't be longer than 8-10 weeks. You've stated in the post above that you plan to run test for 5-6 months.... Was this a mistake?


again how much dbol? how many mgs a day i mean
how much test how many mgs a week
what kind of AI if any.
how will pct go down.

how will you train and eat on this horrible cycle.
please do explain.


dbol 10mg 3x day.
test 250mg every 3 days

No AI's

PCT will be 50mg clomid 2xday taper down to 25mg/day

Eatiing: about 5000 cals a day 250-300grmas protein per day, will be taking all my vitamins, fish oil, glutamine, etc etc.

Sleeping: as much as i can, so prob about 7-8 hours per night


why no AIs?


I think it's not the best idea to assume someone knows their shit just because they know more than you and can use words that you haven't heard before. I've read enough of this forum to be able to bamboozle most people about steroids, but I don't know which require what type of PCT drugs and which work together and which aromatyze at approximately how many weeks and esterysation rates etc.

I don't know enough to put together a cycle for someone, yet I'm sure if I talked to a mate they'd say "He knows his stuff".

If I'm putting some serious chemicals in my body (any drug!) I want to know how it works, what chemicals, and I want to read about it all and make sure it makes sense in my head both from a process and risk perspective.

If I were you I would get the information that people have been asking for and put it up on here. I've read this forum a bit and if you are willing to do the leg work there are plenty of smart and helpful people to listen to.

So, your age, your weight and BF%, your training age, doses of drugs, when you're taking them (what dose are the dbol tabs), and what your post cycle stuff is going to look like seems to be the general info people need. Otherwise it's like me asking you whether glue will hold my chair together but not telling you what type of glue. Sure it will, but not all glues will give you the result you're after. Maybe not the best analogy, but I think you get the point :slightly_smiling:



While it is nice to have someone to provide some personal guidance, that person will not be dealing with the problems that may ensue if things don't go according to plan. You will.

So it's time to grow up and learn enough information so you don't have to look at a piece of paper to outline your cycle in a post.

No AI is problem waiting to happen. With all the knowledge available on this site and others there is absolutely no reason not to run one throughout the cycle.

I'll ask one more time since the other people who asked didn't seem to get the message across. Properly lay out your ENTIRE cycle. Lay it out the way it is commonly done here.

Explain why you think a 5-6 month cycle is a good idea. Not what your friend thinks. Why do YOU think it's a good idea?

How tall are you? Bodyfat estimate?

What ester of T are you using?


Don't you feel like you're beating your head against the wall with the amount of this shit that seems to be going on lately? It seems to be getting worse all the time.

To the OP, listen to what these people on here, who are a lot more knowledgeable than you are in terms of AAS, and research. Your buddy has no clue what he is doing. This is clearly outlined by the fact he was going to have you on a lower dose of test while on dbol, and because he is going to have you on for 5 to 6 months.

In the end you are going to do what you want to do anyways and everything that is suggested to you here will likely be ignored. So, good luck. I hope you recover better from this cycle than I think you will.


I heard that banging ones head against a wall burns 100 calories a minute or something. I don't do cardio anyway so I guess it can help lol


i do take all your advice very seiously. im glad i posted what i did and got all the criticism which is going to make me make sure im not going to be doing anything to harm my body. im glad for the kick in the ass to start doing more serious research before i start my first cycle. i havnt started anything yet, and i wont until i fully understand what it is i am going to be doing in full detail. ill be posting the exact cycle plan soon.


good attitude.

here I will lay out one of my simple favs and you do a search and stuff so you can understand why. heres how I would do this

wk 1-12 test E 500mg/wk
wk 1-6 Dbol 30mg-40mg ed
wk 1-18 adex .25 mg ed adjust dose up or down as needed
pct wk 14-18 nolva is my preferred 40mg ed

clomid is fine as well but I don't like to use it so I wont comment on dosing because I really don't bother to worry about how to dose it if I don't use it, so I don't remember,sorry
try doing a search and check out my info,never ever take anyone's word for it always try to find supporting reasons why they say what they do.


I personally would choose the following for you as a beginner:

Wk1-6 Test E 500mg/wk (250mg 2x/wk)
Wk1-6 Dbol 245mg/wk (35mg/day)
Wk1-7 Adex 0.5,mg/day - adjust as needed.

Test E: Frontload the dose by injecting 635mg on the first day and then continuing with 250mg every 3.5 days thereafter

Wk9-12 Nolvadex or Clomid; 4 weeks, dosed daily
(40/40/20/20 or 100/50/50/50)

FYI - Adex is an AI, this is an Aromatase Inhibitor. Aromatase is the enzyme that turns Extra Testosterone into the female hormone Oestrogen. If you Inhibit Aromatase with an AI, you stop this conversion happening - much more effective than blocking the estrogen from working in small amounts with Nolvadex or Clomid etc..
Use it - even if your mate says you dont need it, you do.
If you want a source that legally sells it as a liquid suspension for research testing purposes, which if you ingest and break the law is your business... PM me.



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