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Test and d bol

OK, so next monday I start my first cycle and I will be going with the 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off method. I could really use some help with the proper timing of the drugs. I will be using test prop. and d bol total dosing being around one gram a week. I would really value the advice of some of the top experts here on this site for some input. With what I’ve read I would say 800 mg test on day one and 10 with 40 mg d bol every day until day 14. When do I take the d bol during the cycle (time of day) I read that taking just d bol after the cycle can really help you keep your gains… For how many days do you keep taking just the orals? ( post cycle) Also is it safe to take 800mg of test in one day, I’ve been telling friends of this plan and they think it’s nuts to inject that much in one day. Seperate syringes of course! I just want to be sure that I don’t need to inject 400 mg on seperate days spreading things out. If anything else needs changing please let me know.

thanks and happy training!

It’s perfectly fine to inject 800mg of
test in one day. If this were me, I’d
consider bumping it to 1000mg on Day 1 and
then 800mg of Day 8 or so. I would use
20-30mg of DBOL per day for days 2-14 with 3X
that much on Day 1. I’d probably do 1/2 the
DBOL upon rising and the rest at 1-3PM but
none after 6PM.

No Clomid? Bad boy!!!

–Brock Strasser