Test and D-Anabol First Cycle Ever

im 19 years old and im thinking of doing my first cycle ever i currently weight 175 and im 5’9 . ive been going to gym for around 1 year and half and been taking whey protein , carbs supplements and got some good results .When i first started training at 18 i weighted 145 but now it seems i hit a wall.I cant seem to get stronger or gain more mass.I have really high metabolism due to my gland-thyroid problem so i have trouble gaining weight even if i eat alot.Enough with the intro.

So these are my questions do you think i d-anabol and test are good for a beginner who never took steroids ?

If so how do you think i should cycle them ?

how long should my cycle be ?

Should i take something else to prevent side-effects?

Do you think im to young to even think of taking steroids ?

“Do you think im to young to even think of taking steroids?”


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Read through the threads. This is about the 1,427,236 first cycle question and they are all the same - read the threads and you will get your answer, one you won’t like, but an answer nonetheless.


That’s it.

I’m done.

No more steroids subforum for me anymore.

Guys, if there’s an interesting thread about the science of using which we’ve not covered a million times please do the @yogi thing so I see it, otherwise I’ll see you in the less frustrating parts of the forum.


to me, it’s not even so much about the age, as it is how long he’s been training and eating right.

i know several guys that used AAS in 10th grade, but they had already been lifting weights for real since they were in 6th grade, and later played pro ball.

if the OP wants real advice, then he needs to post his lifts, diet, etc…