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Test and Cutting

I’m wanting to run a cut cycle. Which test is best? I’ve ran test e and cyp. What about sust? I’m 240 lbs at about 25% bf. I plan on being lower bf before running anything. Next cycle will probably be test, winny and clen. What else could I run to cut?

Test is test, they’ll have the same impact, just the ester and rate of release differs. I wouldn’t run Sust. It looks great on paper but often causes the most sides.
More importantly nothing is going to help you cut if your diets not in place and at 25% it’s not. What are your dietary plans to cut firstly?

You don’t need AAS, certainly not winny to cut at 25%. General consensus dictates such a drug is best reserved for contest prep/peaking whilst lean for a photoshoot etc.

I don’t wish to make a blanket judgement but 25% is too fat… Learn to diet down to at the very least 16-17% prior to using anything

Using stanozolol whilst overweight is rather risky given its impact on lipids in particular. Using gear, in particular harsh compounds/orals whilst overweight greatly compounds potential risk.

I’m not planning on running anything until I get a good diet going and a good cardio routine in place. Probably get everything going and see where I’m at around July

I’m not a fan of Sust personally. Winny and clen work but are harsh. Why not a simple test base with var and/or masteron. EQ is also a possibility but I find it tough to “cut” on it. To be honest cutting is primarily done with diet. Building lean body mass, which will help burn fat, is done with hard training and in our case gear. Put both together effectively and you’ll get your results. So if you focus on diet and a good lean mass cycle you can keep it simple and relatively risk free.

So maybe test, var and mast? I mentioned before I’m not running anything until I drop more bf just not sure how much I would need to drop before anything is effective. I’ve ran test at a higher bf than I am now and saw muscle growth and a lot of strength but never really noticed anything with clen winny or anavar. Those are the only things I have used

Until you see abs.

That’s what I plan on running (may substitute Mast for Proviron but not sore on that yet).

I’m really not familiar with anything but test, var and winny. My gym really small and nobody wants to talk about anything lol the people that use all try to deny it so I have to come to internet and research and figure things out

You can cut pretty easily with a lower dose of test alone. Adding in var makes it better, obviously. But you really don’t need a ton of anabolics to cut, unless you’re in that upper level of elite guys. For your situation diet and training will determine 90+% of your results. So low test and a decent dose of var should get you what you want, assuming everything else is in order.

How low of a dose? First time I ran test, was told to run 250mg twice a week so 500mg a week for 15 weeks is what he had me do so every other time I ran the same. Also I don’t use test for just gym use, I’m 37 and tons of injuries so I like the energy and all around feeling better

My advice would be to use test and other AAS for building muscle, and cardio / diet (calorie deficit) for cutting. Steroids build muscle, they don’t burn fat. You don’t need a Test cycle to cut.

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I think the question is really about how to cut and lose little to no muscle. That I imagine is benefit of using AAS.

I lose no muscle cutting on TRT test as long as I cut at a modest deficit, keep protein high and train hard. Maybe others can chime in with their experiences.

aas are great for cutting because they block cortisol receptors that cause muscle loss during a caloric defict and long cardio sessions. it doesn’t make you burn much more calories than normal.
surely some calories but not much, especially if you’re not running harsh compounds like tren (which you shouldn’t run).
so what’s the difference between cutting on AAS vs naturally cutting? on AAS you can also (not that much) build muscle while cutting on a decent chunk of caloric defict if you do weight training and keep protein intake high but if you try the same thing naturally you will maintain mass at best( maybe just a taaad bit gains or more depending if you’re a genetic god with insanely good insulin response).
AAS are magic when it comes to building muscle/preventing muscle wasting since that’s why they’ve come to be synthesized/invented. but there isn’t really any AAS made specifically to tell your bodyfat to go killitself.
some compounds (Winstrol,anavar) hold less/no water and dry you out but it’s not fat loss.

at 25% BF I would stop researching anything regarding AAS and spend more time researching diet/nutrition info, and healthy/low calorie recipes. A low calorie diet at that high of a body fat percentage will do way more for leaning out and looking good than AAS ever will.