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Test and Anger: Research Article


Nothing super exciting here, but I thought this study was really well done. Basically 600mg/wk of TE doesn't induce anger in healthy subjects. Here's the link to the full-text (pdf):


The effects of supraphysiological doses of testosterone on angry behavior in healthy eugonadal men--a clinical research center study

Anecdotal reports of "roid rage" and violent crimes by androgenic steroid users have brought attention to the relationship between anabolic steroid use and angry outbursts. However, testosterone effects on human aggression remain controversial. Previous studies have been criticized because of the low androgen doses, lack of placebo control or blinding, and inclusion of competitive athletes and those with preexisting psychopathology.

To overcome these pitfalls, we used a double-blind, placebo-controlled design, excluded competitive athletes and those with psychiatric disorders, and used 600 mg testosterone enanthate (TE)/week. Forty-three eugonadal men, 19-40 yr, were randomized to 1 of 4 groups: Group I, placebo, no exercise; Group II, TE, no exercise; Group III, placebo, exercise; Group IV, TE plus exercise.

Exercise consisted of thrice weekly strength training sessions. The Multi-Dimensional Anger Inventory (MAI), which includes 5 different dimensions of anger (inward anger, outward anger, anger arousal, hostile outlook, and anger eliciting situations), and a Mood Inventory (MI), which includes items related to mood and behavior, were administered to subjects before, during, and after the 10 week intervention.

The subject's significant other (spouse, live-in partner, or parent) also answered the same questions about the subject's mood and behavior (Observer Mood Inventory, OMI). No differences were observed between exercising and nonexercising and between placebo and TE treated subjects for any of the 5 subdomains of MAI. Overall there were no significant changes in MI or OMI during the treatment period in any group.

Conclusion: Supraphysiological doses of testosterone, when administered to normal men in a controlled setting, do not increase angry behavior. These data do not exclude the possibility that still higher doses of multiple steroids might provoke angry behavior in men with preexisting psychopathology.


Nice article. I quite often read regular posters here write stuff like "if you are an asshole, AAS will make you more of one" which is complete bullshit in my experience.

AFAIC, AAS does nothing negative to mood. I haven't tried them all, but I have serious doubts that any of them cause ROIDRAGE.


I never felt out of control on test and I've had my patience tested a few times.


i dunno about test but i got a bit bitter on m-drol. i never punched anyone or anything tho. i would just get very annoyed easily


I will say that the only thing that ever tested my anger was tren at 700mg/wk. It was only on my first tren cycle, and the couple I've done since with lower and similar doses have been fine. I'll get a bit depressed with it now, but not angry. At the time I was sort of looking forward to being Alpha Male with the tren, as I've heard stores, so I think it was more of a superiority complex rather than actually being angry. I've since chilled out and can say that personality plays a larger role in anger than do AAS.

I've taken upwards of 2500mg/wk in total androgens and most of the time I think it keeps me more confident and relaxed. You want to talk about anger management issues, low testosterone! Pre-HRT I was much more negative in general, and my mood sucked, and I was more apt to be aggressive. I've actually heard this from a lot of HRT users.


Good shit, Schwarzenegger. LOW test is more likely to cause those issues, while higher test produces mood elevation.

Road rage is more likely to happen than 'roid rage'.

The only people who exhibit that type of behaviour already have psychological issues in the first place. Steroids do not cause uncontrollable anger. Just like alcohol or any other drug, steroids only bring out what is already there within the individual.

There is a conflicting report here, which is typical steroid-negative media rhetoric:



My thoughts, and experience exactly.

Test does nothing to exacerbate my temper. Tren does have an negative effect, but not to the point anyone could call it rage - they could safely say I am more impatient, but that's about it.


In my experience, most AAS, especially test, make me a lot more happy and easier to be around. But it does give me a sense of invinciblity and domination, that CAN be problematic, for exemple like in traffic when an idiot drives like a madman. I'm like that already, ready to "stand for justice" so to speak.

Overall, I feel my angers come unexpected in short burst more easily on AAS. I maybe a tad more irritable yet I'm usually in a GREAT mood.

The exception: Tren. It's like I feel my primitive lizard brain taking over. It's not rage. It's a cold calculated weird nasty mood.