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Test and Anavar 2nd Cycle

Thinking about 2nd cycle

Previously ran 250mg test E for 10 weeks

Want to add some mass and lean out

Thinking of 500mg test a week and then add the anavar in later on in the cycle. 10-12 weeks.


Best type of test to run?
Is anavar only worth while on calorie deficit?
Thought on lean bulk 2/3 of cycle then straight into cut for final 1/3 with the anavar?
Anavar dose?
Heard mix reviews what would people approach be?

Any help would be good cheers.

Test E or C for longer cycles and test P for short ester short cycles.

No way. All around a nice oral barring standard oral sides like lipids etc.

Nope nope nope. Focus on healthy foods with slight calorie surplus. Let the mass stick and don’t go right into a cut.

Up to you. 40-50mg is not overkill.

Are you on TRT or going to PCT?

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Cheers!! answers I thought / hoping for in terms of anavar.

I had really bad water retention last time will the var sort that out?

How long would you say run anavar?

Also what recommendation would you say to run along side this cycle to manage other sides and for what sides would that be for?

What would you say for a PCT?

Prob not.

Weeks 7-12 and then wait one week with nothing and start pct.

Have some Arimadex on hand. Start .25mg each injection if high E2 sides.

Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20

So take it that’s

Week 1 40mg a day
Week 2 40mg a day
Week 3 20mg a day
Week 4 20mg a day

Sorry it’s been that long since I looked into all this. Just want to be sure

Arimadex just on the once with each injection?

Take it this will help manage shit like gyno and some of the water retention?

Do you have these side effects? There is not point taking something to manage side effects you don’t have.

Yeah I got water retention pretty bad the last time and that was off just 250mg test. As for gyno no none so far

I’ve heard you can’t really do anything with gyno once you’ve got it. So why not take this as a precaution?

I’ve been told to just monitor it when it comes to cycle so I’ll take advice on board. Just don’t want to leave shit till it’s too late haha

Because you can crash your e2 with just a little amount of AI. And that sucks