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Test & Anavar, Thoughts from the Experienced?

Age 44
last cycle was 12 weeks of: 400 mg test cyp & 250 units HCG
went fine
check bloods before and after
it’s been 8 weeks (including pct) and jonesing to get back on
Haven’t check bloods again but feeling fine.

jump back in or wait?

going to bump to 12 weeks @ 500mg & add 50 mg anavar last 6 weeks

was thinking about going with hcg again during cycle since it seemed helpful last time; however, undecided on this.

Suggestions from experienced folks?

At 44, why don’t you just cruise? No PCT, feel good all the time, no peak and valleys in your levels. Forget the HCG. At your age it doenst matter and I’m pretty sure your wife/partner/SO is more concerned with your responsiveness to them, than they are about your balls hanging low.

BTW, I’m 53 and never took HCG and my balls are fine and I’ve taken a shitload of gear over the last 4 years.

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I agree with Stud. But fwiw I ran anavar and looking back on pictures of me then it definitely worked well. But for the money I don’t know if I’d run it again. I imagine masteron would be an option to look at instead of var.

Stud - appreciate the insight. Definitely considered it but have fear of commitment. Silly, I know. Another reservation is concern about supply drying up at some point years down the road due to this or that reason. Irrational? Probably. I know.

What do you cruise at? 100? 200?

Iron- how many weeks Running anavar w test and was it at beginning, end or throughout cycle?

Thanks to both of you.

I’ve had to find new sources at least 4 times in the last 4 years. Shit does happen and sources get busted. You can always go the legal route but then you gotta deal with all the bullshit.

250/week in two pins. When blasting I run Nolvadex, when cruising no SERMS or AIs.

Masteron is great! Don’t believe all the hype about having to be super lean to see results. Great for libido too.

What do you blast @ and how often?

Sources haven’t had masteron so never checked it out. You’ve got me curious - will check into it.

Just finished a blast. 300 NPP and 600 Test per week plus 5 IU of HGH/day. You can see the thread here: Starting My Next Blast

I probably run a blast about 2 times a year.

It was 50mg for 100 days. It was at the beginning of trt, so hard to tell how much strength I gained from it vs the test. But the leanness and the vascularity was pretty awesome. But it was expensive. Compound pharmacy @ $8/pill.