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Test + Anavar First Cycle


- 25 yrs old
- 5'10
- 92kg (10% - 12%)
- have been training for 10 yrs (3 serious)
- competed naturally (won my division)
- nutrition: 350g pro 200g carbs 80g fats per day / do cycle macros. protein with every meal, greens with most meals, high fibre slow acting carbs, good clean sources of fats. 1 to 2 cheat meals a week. cycle between 2600 / 3400 cals depending on look and feel
- train 2 days on 1 off 3 days on 1 off. cardio 2 x week walking
- deadlift 200kg x 5 / squat 160kg x 8
- never used AAS
- goals: gain muscle, stay as lean as possible, compete, see how body reacts to AAS and learn more about AAS

- test enanthate week 2 - 14 (500mg spilt 250 mon + thurs)
- anavar week 10 - 16 (50mg ed)

- arimidex week 1 - 16 (.5mg eod)
- nolvadex week 16 - 21 (40/40/20/20/20)

- test 500mg week - self explanatory
- anavar - doesnt aromatise, helps keep water retention down, continued strength gains, able to bridge from test to PCT, help to stay lean at end of cycle
- arimidex - to prevent gyno

- will be seeing a doctor for tests before/during/after cycle
- if gyno occures increase arimidex to 1mg eod and add in nolva 40mg

1. is there a need to add in clomid for this cycles PCT. if so would 300mg week 16 day 1, 100mg days 2 - 11 and 50mg till end run with nolva suffice?

  1. if gyno shows at any stage during cycle, add nolva in immediately at 40mg then taper down?

  2. thoughts on HCG for this cycle?

  3. thoughts on adding 40mg d bol ed weeks 2 - 6?

  4. have heard of tapering test e, 250mg weeks 2 - 4, 500mg weeks 4 - 7, 750mg weeks 7 - 9, 500mg weeks 9 - 12 and 250mg weeks 12 - 14. is there any point to taper down to 250mg as 250mg is still suppressing natural test?

  5. what are the tests that the doc should do? there was a post that I have read but cant find if anyone has the link??


Cycle is too long IMO. May as well start blasting and cruising now if youre going to do a 14 week cycle. And may as well start blasting and cruising now if you plan to be a competitive bodybuilder.

Outline pct like this.

60mg per, days 1-3
40mg per, days 4-7
20mg per, days 8-28
and maybe a few more days of 10mg.

If youre going to do an excessively long cycle then definitely use hCG.

Bloodwork is outlined in the TRT forum.

The cycle is good btw (aside my opinion the length). Youre in a very good position to start. Good luck.


Cheers bonez. I'll look into blasting and cruising a little deeper.