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Test/Anavar Cycle

So i finished my first cycle a couple months ago, standard 500 wk test. got some good gains, bout 15-20 lbs of muscle, started at 180, got up to 210, now resting at 195 but a little leaner than i was at 180.

Anyway, im trying to cut down a little for the summer, this cycle probably wont start til april or may but i want to see how much this will cost me so ill have the cash when the time comes. I dont want to go extreme cutting but i do want a little more seperation etc.

Basically though, im a pussy and i cant inject myself everyday with tren, yeah i know im a fag, whatever, i cant do it. So i figure the next best thing is anavar. some of my buddies have used it, gotten good results, etc.

Im thinking of doin a test/anavar cycle as i know you cant only do anavar, and i still want to put on a little size. with that said, i have a few questions. i have a cycle laid out but am not sure if its perfec which is why im posting this:
Week 1-8 TestE â?? 750 Mg
Week 3-8 Anavar - 50 mg ED
Week 10-13 Pct: nolv 40/40/20/20

Im not sure if the test is a bit high, like i said i still want some size, im not tring to grate cheese on my abs, honestly i dont even care about having abs, just want a flatter stomach basically and more importantly some cuts in my arms, shoulders seperation, etc. If the test is to high, would 500 wk do the trick?

I dont need to get thaaat much bigger but im not gonna complain if i do, i would love to probably put on like 10 lbs muscle but totally solid and lose a decent amount of body fat in the process, so im thinkin the test is probably a little high, but i dont know. Im only doin 8 weeks because on my first cycle my gains stopped after week 8 and i dont feel the need to waste money and product.

All are welcome to call me a pussy etc, just help me perfect this cycle so im a freak by the summer and smashing box like theres no tomorrow.

Stats just FYI:
probably between 10-14% bodyfat
ive been lifiing for a while and i know my shit, how to eat, sleep train etc.

I got like 17.5 inch arms right now, would love for them to get over 18 with and look a little veinier, harder etc and i figure anavar test combo should do it.

thanks for the help in advance

With 500-750mg of test/wk, you’ll need an AI to keep the bloat down, among other things.

Also, no mention of PCT.

thanks for the input, actually i did mention PCT it says week 10-13 pct: nolv 40/40/20/20, and i might also include 50 mg clomid for all 4 weeks, i did it for my first cycle and it worked great. fucked up my head tho, but whatever.

im probably gonna go with 500 wk of test because i dont want to get bloated, but is 500 wk test and 50/day anavar a good ratio?

500mg of test per week is fine, but even on 500 mg/wk test, you’ll want an AI. Read the SERM and AI sticky for why you’ll want to include it. One of the reasons is it minimizes water bloat from aromatizing steroids.

I don’t know much about anavar, but I’m sure it’ll be a decent addition to your test if it’s real, and I think the preferred dosing around here is 60~80mg/day.

And sorry about the PCT comment. I guess I missed it the first time I read it.