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Test + Anavar Cruise For A Bulk?

So I’m aware that anavar is usually used to cut or to recomp etcetera, and often hear its not what people choose to bulk, but why not? Wouldn’t cruising on TRT and low var still provide some solid gains overtime as well?

I was planning to try this, I only have done cycles in the past, with heavy compounds, and the usual dbol adrol you know the drill, however I want to go less extreme this time around and just cruise on a somewhat safer plan.

People always say like if you do a small amount it wont work anymore if you have done big cycles before, but is this really true?

Ive done cycles like Test Tren, Test Deca Dbol, Tren Win Mast etc in the past before you name it, but this is years ago, why would I not see results from a slower cruise of just test and var low dose? I mean gear is gear, surely it must still work for building mucle efficiently, just not as quick?

I could be wrong, but I think people use Anavar to cut is because it doesn’t aromatize and cause water gain while maintaining muscle mass on a caloric deficit. But I would think it would work for a dry bulk since its still adding testosterone (DHT) and in a pretty safe manner compared to other orals (i.e. you could take it long term at lower doses).

How are your lipids and liver labs? I wouldn’t use it if they are on the edge.

I have to assume that since it was designed to reverse muscle wasting that it has some ability to put on muscle.

I just started 25mg Oxandrolone daily, yesterday, and will keep a little log of how it goes for 6 weeks. I’ll let you know what I think when it’s done

Don’t cruise on anavar if you care about longevity in the slightest. Anavar is well known to demolish lipids (HDL waaaaayyyyyyy down, LDL up), for many this effect will be present regardless of dose, @readalot has reported HDL suppression of 50-70% regardless of dose (7.5mg/day-50mg/day)

My HDL is at 39, LDL is fine. Do you think 6 weeks is too long? Or just avoid it altogether?

Really? And here I was thinking that Anavar was the lightest of all? I read its even less harsh than tbol? Also that it is mostly metabolized in the kidneys less in the liver?

I was thinking just 20mg a day.

Which should be light? I know women that are on that dose.

It is mild. Milder than tbol is also correct based everything I’ve heard. However, both should be cycled, if longevity is important to you.

I would actually be more concerned about kidney issues than liver. Many pros have kidney issues, and need dialysis, sometimes this is temporary (I believe bumstead was only temporary). Liver does a better job recovering than the kidneys.

What do you currently cruise on? I think bumping test would make more sense, depending on what you are currently doing.

Yeah I guess ill keep it short then.

On the test yeah usually that be more logical however I dont have good experiences with test, in fact my crappiest cycles with most side effects all had test include din them or moderate test. I actually have less side effects when I did cycles without test or minimal amount.

However im just on T now higher end 200mg, i was thinking to add in a lil dry oral with minimal side effects but just that boost, I don’t really handle test well, it gives me way too many side effects at anything above 200mg, the difference in side effects for me from 200 or 400/500 is huge, at 200 i dont notice anything negative, even my lipids are quite fine and bp normal, no water retentioin no acne no gyno, if i go even 100mg higher i get all the side effects really bad, at 500, even with AI i got massive acne and bloat, gyno growth, everything, test just sucks for me honestly, on trt i feel great, but on high doses of test i feel like shit and look like shit, my favorite cycles in the past were other compounds with very minimal test, this gave me the least side effects.

Idk ill check my blood after a week of var, if its really not good ill drop it. Anything else light on the lipids? Heard a lot about proviron not causing much issues?

Guys here have reported low doses (25mg region I assume) of Anavar being prescribed for TRT. An AAS cycle usually has at least twice that. Still something that should be monitored and cycled despite its relative safeness.

As much crap as I have given @dbossa on here, I have to give him credit for this interview with Jim Brown:

Anabolic Steroids and Metformin as TRT Add Ons with Jim Brown TRT

Well done on this interview Danny.

The first half of this interview is spot on in my experience. Entering into the Pharma zone is a roll of the dice (search my posts if you want more info on my experiences). Slippery slope and unless you know how you will respond beforehand (which you don’t), you are rolling the dice. If longevity is your goal find another hobby. You don’t have a meter indicating how each dose/cycle may be changing your body and all of your blood work. Are you good with a trip to the ER for AFIB? Think you can handle it?

How will 8-16 weeks per year of crushed lipids affect your cardiovascular system down the road? Do you possess JAK2 mutation? Prior arrythmia? Thyroid/autoimmunue issues? Don’t know but I am not down with it based on my experience which may not apply to you. Identify your objective function and live with the consequences, which are typically not known a priori.

Not too difficult to get 50-100 mg/day with a Rx if you know where to look and have the means/ “need”. As I have mentioned it is fool’s gold since once you understand the health risks all you can do is sit there and look at the “harmless” 100 mg troches in your cabinet.

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