Test & Anavar Blast Cycle Review

I’m on TRT and getting ready for a blast. Here is my cycle.

Testosterone cyp - 450mg a week (week 1-10)
Anavar (pharmacy)- 50mg a day (week 1-8)
AI on hand if needed.
*Possible deca at 200mg a week (week1-10)

So my question is has anyone ran a similar cycle with good results?

Should I run my test longer than 10 weeks? I have enough to run 450mg for 20 weeks if I wanted to.

I also have deca I could run at 200mg a week for 10 weeks. Would this make a difference? Or should I leave it out?

Is this your first blast.
If not, what was your previous blast and how long was t?

I always ran test cycles at 12 weeks as I felt that was an optimal time to still make progress before stalling. I also liked running my orals at the last half when all compounds are kicking together. Nandrolone is good stuff if you don’t get the mental sides or libido issues. I get both so I couldn’t use it.

No it’s not my first. I did a test only at 500mg for 10 weeks and a 400mg test with eq for 16 weeks a couple years back.

I’m prone to libido issues in normal everyday life so deca worries me.

Not first cycle, then IMO, I’d suggest an 8 week cycle or 450 mg/wk testosterone, 100mg/ wk Deca, and 25mg/day Anavar.

Off cycle 8 weeks and repeat the above 8 week cycle.

If you didn’t respond as you had hoped the first cycle, increase Deca to 200mg/wk and Anavar to 30 - 40mg/day.

Please note: If you got good results the first cycle, don’t increase dosage to get better results.

Another choice is two 10 week cycles.


I think that’s pretty good if one can handle nandrolone. I wouldn’t suggest the deca ester though. It takes a while to kick in for an 8 week cycle. I think with npp it would work better, especially if using low doses.


These are my go-to now. As long as I dose the test often enough, Var lowers my SHBG down to single digits and I really tell the dip if I only dose 2x per week. Even 3x TT came in a lot lower than expected. But otherwise, 6 weeks of Var and 10-12 of test is decent

So you only take VAR 3 times a week? Do you see the results from taking it that way?

I take it daily. Testosterone was dosed 3x per week

Oh I’m sorry I read that wrong.