Test, Anavar and Proviron for Weight Loss

Im 27 years old 20stone and 5ft 10 back training a while after operation in january .my natural test is at 7.6 nmol/l so wondering would 200mg of test a week and a proviron and anavar a day do any good for weightloss

How many mgs/day of Anavar?

I havent decided yet to be honest

What would you recommend

Have you lost any weight on your own yet? If not, Var won’t change this.

Stone is all i just wanted to speed it up and cause my test is so low its hard

Funny part is oxandrolone will drop your SHBG lower so dont be alarmed if you total testosterone tests lower than you expect. Using exogenous Test will of course increase your free Test.

You may consider learning how to cut before employing AAS. They will allow you to carry carry more fat free mass at the same BF level. They are NOT the primary cutting tool.

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10 to 20% reduction in kcal below maintenance. What is your maintenance kcal currently?

Steroids dont do nothing for weight loss…

This is an excuse and i believe you’re aware of that.

Don’t expect steroids to do a damn thing for weight loss if you don’t do anything for weight loss. Figure out how to actually lose weight on your own; you don’t need Var to lose weight.

The benefit of Anavar for losing weight is that it helps to spare muscle tissue in a calorie deficit. It will not assist you in losing fat.

Im training 5 to 6 days a week for the last 2 months in a calorie deficit . Before i did it wasnt a problem losing weight and getting in shape but now it is

Why both?

AAS builds muscle, however there is one study that showed some fat loss while on Var.

I’d go on TRT and eat less

Im in about 1800 calories a day and only came here to find out wats best i thought var was good for it

Eating less and moving more is best for weight loss. Steroids are for growing, you’re trying to shrink. Unless you’ve got a ton of existing muscle mass that you desperately need to spare at all costs, you have zero reason to use steroids to cut.


@iron_yuppie holy chit… he returns… where you been?


On that matter, so is thyroid.

I lost hardly any fat thinking T3 would do the work for me(Rx from Defy). Then I quit T3 with a taper, and started doing more activity, and consuming less calories and actually got lean. I was borderline low thyroid before going on, it probably was lower after being on exogenous T3, it didn’t matter much. The laws of thermodynamics still apply.


Sadly, no steroids actually burn fat. The only way they kind of help is that they help you keep muscle mass when you are losing a lot of weight, so you end up having a bit more muscle when cutting longer, so your caloric expenditure is higher.

But when we say this, it is important to remind, that it MAINTAINS muscle mass. If there is something to maintain. And you still lose it when cutting. You just lose less. So if you are 250lbs lean, Var by keeping your muscle will give you like 500kcal advantage a day after 6 months of a cut.
If you are around 200lbs as it is, then Var holding that, will give you maybe like extra 200kcals a day after 6 months on a cut. Its basically nothing.

Sadly, if one cant lose fat without steroids, steroids wont speed it up.
And low test or no test is not a reason. Women lose fat all the time and their test levels are shit.

If interested, you could look into HGH which has theoretically some fat cell destroying abilities(also, not a miraculous ones, just gives like a bit of an edge) or Cardarine.

People who talk about Var on a cut usually thing that it will do the work for them. If only that was true, everyone would have six pack abs.

I’ve been out of the game, more or less. Had a health issue back in December and I started focusing more on mental health, which meant a much less strict diet. So I ended up gaining some of the bad kind of weight, but felt better overall, so I just rolled with it. Now I’m getting back into things more seriously and man, cutting sucks. :joy: You been well?


Yes sir. I’m also out of the game, well still on TRT optimization but no more sauce for me. Too old to keep renting muscle. I’m a bit softer as well but still holding a fairly muscular 200+. I need to go on a cut but with the holidays coming I’m just going to wait it out.