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Test Amplifiers?


How do you guys feel about test amplifiers? Do they work?
drugs like 17 HD and other forms of 20-beta ecdysterone. actually there are entire shelves of different types at a local vitamin shop etc...
also I have heard about other drugs that are legal here in the US that doesn't turn into test until it enters your blood stream, taken orally. is it even worth a try?


Go in the store section and check out the different products.


If you mean "test boosters", some work and some don't. Some work only for some people, and don't work for others at all. From what I've seen, Biotest's products usually do what they say they do, so buying some of their TRIBEX or ZMA might help you out.

As for your second question: substances taken that don't turn into drugs until they are inside you are called pro-drugs. "Not activated until they are in your bloodstream" is a false statement. They are not activated just because they are in your blood. They are activated by means of being metabolized. Most drugs are deactivated by metabolism, however pro-drugs turn into drugs after being metabolized. They are, in essence, just drug precursors.

They can be very dangerous and may have more sides than real AAS, sometimes not showing up for months. So no, they are not worth it, and no, they are absolutely not legal. An example of this would be androstenedione.


this product is not a steroid, it contains no anabolic steroids or anything that converts to an anabolic steroid. this post should be in the supplements section.

20-beta ecdysterone is not a test amplifier, nor is it a prohormone. it has activity on its own and is considered an adaptogen. it would be better to class it with the methoxy products and forskolin derivatives as a non-steroidal anabolic.

the 17 HD is actually a phytosterol of the progesterone class and its effects regarding test boosting are not clearly substantiated. further the marketing blurb in the vyotech 17HD product is misleading to the point of fraud. the amount of 20-beta ecdysterone contained is 1/8th the low end of the dose range (generally 400-600mg).

i would go with Carbolin 19 and Se7en before this product as both are more powerful and cheaper. a high dose source of 20-beta ecdysterone is syntra-EC by syntrax. it has 200mg of 20-beta ecdysterone per cap and a total of 250mg of ecdysteroids.


I'd like to add to what the others have said, that, if you are considering a test-booster (not prohormone), the effects are there, but they are nothing, nothing, like the effects of AAS. So don't think you are buying some solution to not being able or willing to get ahold of AAS. You'll end up disappointed.


very true. on the other hand if you want to boost your test levels a little within the normal range and are not looking for AAS type blood levels, then something like Alpha Male, REZ-V (300mg at once with morning Alpha Male seems to work best), and ZMA are the stack you are looking for.

this with animal protein, healthy fats (saturated included) and fruits and veggies is the most likely protocol to reach maximal natural levels.


waste of money, in my opinion. Eating plenty of good food and making sure you get enough sleep will probably have a greater affect on test levels than any herbal crap.


I don't think you'll find many who'll disagree that diet and recovery are more important than supplementation, but why does it have to be one or the other?


It depends alot on the person and the age.
For an 18yo with normal 18yo test levels, then test boosters would probably have little to no effect.

For someone in their 40's or 50's with low test, these supplements could definitely produce noticeable positive results. I have heard of many older guys who have taken Alpha Male and noticed quite a difference.

Proper diet and sleep should definitely be at the top of the list though.


Just my experience.

I am in my 30's and for some reason when ever I take any trib stack with ZMA. I notice good results. They are by no means AAS but it gives you good aggression at the gym and also some libido enhancing effects. Only down fall with Trib. is its very short lived. Also you tend to need more and more to get the same effect after prolonged use. Either that or I am so used to it I don't notice till I clean out from it for a while. I wish I could have that feeling was around full time.