Test Amounts

I was just reading an old post about the Denkall’s T-400, a multi-ester mix. I have done one cycle last year and used the T-400 along with some Deca with good results. I know have some Test E 250mg/ml. With the T-400, I was taking 1 ml/week. Since it was 400mg, should I need to take say…1.5 ml/week with this test E? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

500mg’s a week is considered a moderate entry level amount of Test per week. At that dosage plus the Deca you’ll see noticeable results. If not using Deca try the 750mg EW range

First - figure out how much test you want to run per week. Then look at what you have and go from there.

If you are considering only injecting once per week with the enanthate - I would advise you to reconsider and go with more frequent injections.

Thanks. Yes, I was doing .5ml twice a week and I plan on doing a twice a week this time as well.

I have 20ml of each now but I am concerned with the whole estrogen side effects thing. I didn’t have any issues lsat time but if I do the 500mg/week this time, I may run into some of those issues. Is there anything I can legally buy that would help prevent that? Thanks again.


Thanks a ton! I figure its better to be safe than sorry. I’m off to research how to include this in my cycle. Thanks again.